7:31 PM

I didn’t vote for Sadiq (Women’s Equality Party, innit) but between this and his unabashed love and support for the LGBTQ+ community today, I am really proud he is my city’s mayor.

6:57 PM

This is outrageous. It gives Londoners a completely unrealistic expectation of beach weather.

6:54 PM

Companies aren’t able to freely advertise anywhere, though. The ad-space seller–whether it’s a city transport service, a TV network, or a one-person blog–always makes decisions about what kind of advertisements they do and don’t want to attach to their services. There’s no obligation to give ad-space simply to the Read more

1:27 AM

It shouldn’t have to get to Cosby levels before we can call someone out on their bullshit. My point is that one is already too many. I respect that people who are pedophiles are mentally ill and they need treatment and it should be easier for them to admit that and get help before they harm anyone without fear of Read more

1:08 AM

Actually, there was a custody case about Dylan, Moses, and Ronan. Moses was old enough he was allowed to choose not to see him, and although Allen was granted visitation with Ronan three times a week, those were terminated after the court-appointed supervisor observed Allen choking Ronan during a session. It’s Read more

12:59 AM

HE GROOMED HER. Basketball games, phone calls, secret “modeling shots”

12:53 AM

Really hasn’t done that much? One child is already too many. You clearly understand fuck all about the pathology of child abuse and inappropriate relationships within families. He raped one daughter, and groomed another for a sexual relationship for who knows how long before she was of legal age. His movies are Read more

12:34 AM

Thanks, was going to post these. There’s a big difference between not prosecuting because of Dylan’s well-being and the power of the accused, and there not being overwhelming evidence that the man both has a taste for much, much younger women, as well as pedophilic tendencies. Mia Farrow and many others in the family Read more

12:30 AM

Soon-Yi’s relationship to Allen has been underplayed by Allen, et al since the beginning. Facts are, she met him, as a child, as the boyfriend of her adopted mother. And he was a father figure to her and her siblings. It might possibly be legal, but it is in no way ethical and impacted all of those kids and their Read more

12:28 AM

She was too fragile when she was a child-age 7/8 in 1992; as compared to when she wrote the essay as an adult, age 28, in 2014.

12:24 AM

She was a CHILD at the time she was deemed too fragile, in what was arguably the most public rape and child custody case in the world at the time. Coming to terms with it enough to write about 20 years later doesn’t change the fact that back then, she couldn’t face it. Jesus. What doesn’t make sense is that you’re Read more

12:16 AM

1.) the testimony of his victim. 2.) just because no one else has come forward publicly, does not mean there were no other victims. 3.) even without Dylan, HE MARRIED HIS 18 YEAR OLD STEP-DAUGHTER. 4.) their relationship started when she was underage. 5.) most of his movies are about an older man sleeping with a Read more

12:11 AM

See comments above. A prosecutor who says they have probable cause but isn’t going ahead with charges because the victim/key witness is too fragile, is so far from ‘hearsay and bitterness’ that I wouldn’t know where to begin explaining the difference.