This is a really great idea! Especially now that I’m hooked on ereaderiq (a price tracker for Kindle books), my Amazon spending has shot up. It’s all too easy to justify book-buying when it’s £1-2 at a time. Read more

I'm assuming you're writing this as a fat person, and so I just wanted to share my positive experiences in dating while fat - not to say that you're doing it wrong, just to say that there's hope out there! I rarely had a problem getting a date as a fat person in college, despite dressing in plus-sized clothes since Read more

I find sweetened condensed milk to be too sweet as well, but evaporated milk doesn't have that same sweetness. I discovered it from a Greek friend, who always kept some on hand since obviously milk goes bad pretty quickly in the hot Greek summers! Read more

For coffee, I always keep a small can or two of evaporated milk in case I run out of milk/cream (I live alone and only drink milk in my coffee, so it's not something I always have in my fridge). Evaporated milk does have a distinctive taste, though I personally like it, but it adds some richness and creaminess and in Read more

Mine seems to think that I frequently run in my sleep, which is a bit worrying. I guess I must thrash around more than most people! Read more

Mine seems to think that I frequently run in my sleep, which is a bit worrying. I guess I must thrash around more than most people! Read more

I'd love to see ideas on how to hide keys for those of us who live in apartments. Most of my friends and I just give a spare set to the friend who is geographically closest, but then what happens if they're away on vacation? Read more

Bath towels. I got married and immediately moved to the UK, so we registered for relatively lightweight, easily transportable items. The Ralph Lauren bath towels still look pristine 15 years later, thanks partly to the high quality of the towels and I think also partly due to using vinegar instead of fabric softener. Read more

In the UK, GP offices leave some slots open for same-day appointments so that you can get in pretty much straight away if you have an urgent problem. Generally speaking, if you call first thing in the morning you'll get seen the same day. And doctors still make house calls when needed! Read more

When my husband died he was 32 and there was no point in putting his obituary in the newspapers - none of the people who needed to know that he'd passed away would have been checking the newspaper obituaries. I set up a very basic Wordpress website with his obit and information about the funeral, linked to it on Read more

No disrespect or snark taken! I got a cat about a year after my husband died and I love that little furball like crazy so I totally understand that connection. Read more

Eh, I kind of do get it. I think media portrays just a tiny bit of grief - the being sad part - but there are a whole mess of other emotions in there for most people. And trying to find your own life again, without a partner to support you, is an enormous challenge. There aren't that many young widows/widowers, so it Read more

Honestly, I'm mad that the producers thought it was okay to put an emotionally vulnerable woman on television, but that's pretty much the entire purpose of reality tv so I don't know why this particular case would be any different. Read more

Her husband died in May 2013, so basically 18 months ago. I'm a couple of years older than Kelsey and my husband died nearly five years ago. Eighteen months is nothing in terms of 'getting over' the death of a spouse, and grief makes you do crazy things, so I can't really blame her for going on The Bachelor but if I Read more


Ah, yeah I just looked him up and the results were definitely enlightening. Read more

Exactly this! Especially the example in the article where a supplement was labelled "wheat-free" and actually contained wheat. How is that even legal? It makes no sense at all. Read more

I'm less bothered about the calories (let's face it, if the whole bottle's going into my face then a few calories here or there are the least of my troubles) but it's the insane amounts of crap that go into alcohol that slightly freak me out. I mean, not enough to stop drinking, obviously - that's crazy talk. But fish Read more

How is it even possible that these manufacturers are allowed to sell something as ginseng that contains no actual ginseng? Regardless of how you feel about the efficacy of herbal supplements, it's crazy that proper labelling laws don't apply to EVERYTHING. Read more

I like the all-black look, but this is a strong argument for carrying a purse or briefcase with a lighter-coloured interior lining. Crumpler is one brand that does this well, but I wish more office-focused brands would do it too - it's so much easier to find things in a bag with, say, a yellow lining than it is with a