12:30 AM

And apparently to even get that far into the airport they had to purchase tickets out of their own pockets. Badass heroes indeed.

12:31 AM

There has been a lot of discussion with the city about making a system for the gates (people would have to get a card at city hall that would let them in) because of the incidents that have occurred—but youre right about the big dog side being the biggest problem. Read more

11:59 PM

I’m so glad she’s ok! Did you take her to the Costa Mesa dog park? There have been so many attacks there recently!

11:14 PM

I was there too! 20,000 in fucking Orange County is AMAZING! The energy was awesome.

3:49 PM

Orange County, CA. estimates are 20,000 people! Considering how conservative this area is, this turnout is amazing.

11:31 PM

I get rage stroke from this with ups too. If my home address does not exist, then what the fuck is the point of mailing me a postcard to that same address to tell me that same address does not exist?!?!?  

7:08 PM

We are! We promised each other we would go see the movie after we both finish our books. She’s 10 so these kind of stories are so important for her to read and I am loving the conversations that have developed because of it!

10:52 PM

Oh no—which DMD were you on? I’ve been on copaxone for the past 9 years and I’m always terrified something if going to go wrong. Read more

8:21 PM

I always throw a pork shoulder roast into the slow cooker. When it’s done I shred it—then it’s either pulled pork for sandwiches or on top of potatoes; or lightly fried in a cast iron pan with seasoning and lime for carnitas. When they hit $.99 a lb we stock up!

2:53 PM

We are a family of 3, including a ten year old in a booster. My husbands car (an old as hell SUV) was totaled on thanksgiving by a dui asshole—luckily it was just parked outside of our house, we weren’t in it. Read more

5:12 PM

Eucalyptus has been quite a problem in southern cal the past few years. The years long drought has weakened roots, and then sudden heavy rains soften the soil, leading to falling trees. A woman was killed in her convertible when a eucalyptus fell on her waiting for a light in Costa Mesa in 2011. A lot of cities are Read more

12:32 AM

I got the exact same items in my Play box that you did. I like MOST of it, the red is too damn red for me but otherwise I like them. Unfortunately the perfume broke on contact with my drybar spray on our bed and now my bedroom smells like bourbon and vanilla. I’m bummed because I actually like it and it would be a Read more

1:55 PM

Oh I’m sorry! Did you find a new vet? I know you once posted you were looking for one. My little girl will need a twilight sleep dental in January and we are dreading it as well. I think it’s harder on us than them-they get to sleep through it!

3:06 PM

As the wife of a 6'8" man I completely understand this. We have taken to getting seats so I am either directly behind him so he can recline and stretch or directly in front of him so that no one can recline and hit him. It’s bullshit that there aren’t accommodations for abnormal height people.

4:47 PM

SO MANY TIMES. She doesn’t have the wherewithal to do it. We have tried and tried and tried. She is the world’s biggest pushover and just the sweetest thing in the damn world. She won’t even stand up for herself with other children, much less adults. There are kids who take pieces of her lunch every day, when we Read more