Sep 24

They’re conservatively already spending the entire cost of a whole new mid-budget comedy to release a four-hour version of a film no liked the first time. That’s nuts. And remember, they’re sinking this into the “vision” of a guy who, with two of the most recognizable superhero properties in history, managed to get Read more

Sep 14

Considering the Navy navigates vast oceans and rough seas, you’d think they’d be better at handling streams.

Sep 14

This is not a ‘both sides’ issue. When the question is “should police be allowed to kill unarmed, sleeping civilians” the answer is “no” and there’s no option to be tolerant or open-minded. There isn’t a compromise “police can have a little murder, as a treat” option. While there might be different solutions to the Read more

Aug 17

That recurring bite, sting and burn of racism is why I quit playing games like COD and Overwatch unfortunately. My “friends?” couldn’t understand why I would quit two games that I honestly excelled at over people being stupid and racist but I tried to explain to them that the mental toil of constantly seeing and Read more

Aug 17

High-Capacity Maskazine. 😏

Aug 11

I’d argue Game Pass was and remains the marquee launch title for Series X.

Aug 4

This is one of those times I'm glad I went all digital. Grab my external HD, plug it into the new Xbox, done. My 1X goes to a friend, or a trade up. 

This is one of those times I'm glad I went all digital. Grab my external HD, plug it into the new Xbox, done. My 1X

Jun 22

Although it is not technically stand up comedy, I have found the Netflix show Magic for Humans to be a fantastic family viewing experience. The magic is phenomenal, and Justin Willman is really funny.  10 out of 10 for the whole family.

Feb 28

No don’t do it. I bought mine for $6k then had another $5k into it in parts. then after getting it back together the front AC pusher fan relay got stuck on and caught fire. insurance only gave me $4K.  

Jan 22

Turn your phone to airplane mode and the server functionality of any app will reveal itself in time.

Jan 22

King’s Hawaiian Seats® 

Jan 22

COTD is usually GOOD puns, so maybe try that?

Jan 20

What is it with so many people wanting to put Ed Sheeran in shit. Read more

Jan 19

Nope: Hundreds of painted q-tips.

Jan 19

Gonna build my capsule, gonna build it right
Gonna do an escape test flight
The motto’s always been “When it’s right, it’s right”
Why wait until the middle of a disastrous flight
When everything’s better just to test the system today
And we know the space is always gonna be here any way

Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up Read more

Jan 19

Just imagine the possibilities...