Aug 5

I was initially interested in this game in the “disc copy on sale for $20-$40 at some point in the future” range but everything I see and hear about it is mediocre at best - a console locked character, generally boring gameplay, discount versions of the Marvel characters we’ve all gotten used to over the past decade. Read more

Jul 8

It’s a zero-sum game to them - I think they honestly believe that any increase in the civil rights of black people will take away from their civil rights.

Jun 23

The Alolan starters have been everywhere in surprise trades for months, and Pokemon Home is full of them - you can spend a couple hours doing random room trades and end up with all 3. Read more

Feb 27

Counterpoint - this movie is being made for a completely new generation of kids, and not for you and I who are old and washed.

Jan 9

Boy I would hate to read Bo’s Twitter mentions right now

Dec 3

One of my favorite recent depictions of spaceships and how they could be used came up in this novel The Cruel Stars that I highly recommend.

Nov 20

As someone who hasn’t played a mainline Pokemon game since Silver way back in the day, I’m constantly amazed that I have an opportunity to catch a new Pokemon every 5 minutes and it’s mostly been Pokemon I’ve never heard or seen before. Read more

Oct 22

apparently a concerned parent of an athlete at another school learned of the videos and spoke up

Oct 7

This article was posted 3 minutes ago, which means Luo should receive his cease and desist from Nintendo and the Pokemon Company in a little under an hour.

Oct 7

We must cast him back into the deep

Oct 7

I don’t understand how this dude got out of the greys

Sep 27

The killstreaks are going to be a real problem. A lot of this will depend on the party size you’re allowed to enter a GW lobby with, but I’m already having flashbacks to Halo 5 Warzone where full parties would absolutely roll over randoms and farm them for kills in their spawn. Read more

Aug 21 2019

Probably because EA murdered Origin Systems and Chris Roberts has been neck deep in Star Citizen for the better part of a decade.

Aug 9 2019

No, he’s a Hall of Fame-level player. Unfortunately, he’s the kind of player the NBA is currently trending away from, and he’s on enough of a downswing talent-wise/athletically that it doesn’t seem worth paying him.

Aug 6 2019

They don’t - there’s one throwaway line about Shaw trying to make up for “past mistakes” and that’s it. Read more