Mar 18 2020

They’re parked on the lot right next to the $35k Tesla Model 3s.

Mar 16 2020

I’d wager they fully expected to break the car, they just didn’t know what they were going to break. Read more

Mar 11 2020

No, he used a humor-tinged analogy to make a point with truth in it metaphorically applicable to this NPOCP, and you’re too faux woke (or not smart enough) to get it and laugh. I remember just three or so years ago when everyone still had a sense of humor, and on this site specifically you could make such jokes Read more

Mar 11 2020

But that’s the thing: he didn’t imply trans is bad. He implied that pursuing his sexual focus and then finding out someone was not what he thought was bad. That doesn’t imply trans is bad; that implies finding someone is something different than you expected might be bad. Read more

Mar 11 2020

The rare, elusive 5 out of 5 Tyrone Biggumses crack pipe level. For only the crackiest of pipes!

Mar 11 2020

Fuck off with the sanctimonious posturing. 

Mar 11 2020

This is like meeting a beautiful girl at a bar, doing shots together and then finding out she used to be a dude. 100% CP.

Mar 10 2020

The rulers will have Lamborghinis, the politically connected will have Lamborghinis, the gangsters will have Lamborghinis. The rest of us will have cheap grey sedans. 

Mar 6 2020

If I’m ever a multi-multi-millionaire, I’m buying a Continental GT and driving it from five-star-hotel to five-star-hotel all over the western hemisphere.

Mar 5 2020

I cant stand the fake exhausts, they look VERY fake and anyone who would notice a quad exhaust would also notice a very fake one so I don’t see the point in wasting the trim pieces just eliminate it from the design

Mar 4 2020

Aside from emotional attachment to the 911 badge, why would anyone buy this instead of a used Boxster/Cayman?

Feb 27 2020

a $5k older Porsche is a lot like dating a stripper - a chunk of money, a lot of drama, pretty exciting while you are at it, and fun for a short time but not really a long term plan.

Feb 27 2020

I would buy it, totally expecting the IMS to go, and then part out the car. An IMS repair can be a solid $2500. Read more