Dec 16 2019

Fun fact, his FOREX trading that the article references was basically a ponzi scheme. He was just taking the money and blowing it. Think he is still in jail. Read more

Nov 15 2019

Used b8.5 S4s are getting REALLY cheap. With an intake, exhaust, and ECU/TCU tune they are monsters. Picked up one pretty cheap in April.

Oct 2 2019

I dream about that sandwich, possibly the best one I’ve ever had. The debris roast beef is perfect with that crispy shrimp. I need to get to NOLA asap.

Sep 26 2019

I got a cup of it as a side at the Parkway Bakery, alongside a roast beef and gravy sandwich that could have fed an entire Super Bowl party.” Read more

Sep 24 2019

Just making sure I get this right, you are cool with eating the free food and helping yourself at the bar (usually NOT cash). But, are too cheap to bring a gift? Read more

Sep 19 2019

If you are going to NOLA, Parkway Bakery for Po’boys. Their Surf n’ Turf with the roast beef AND friend shrimp is life changing. Really, anywhere that uses Leidenheimer bread is what you are looking for. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BREAD.