Jun 30

dude stfu about “strong voting block” - i know you don’t care. in fact you likely resist it. otherwise you’d be talking about the school-to-prison pipeline instead of abortion, and how black men are incarcerated at much higher rates and for longer for violating the same laws. you don’t care. Read more

Jun 30

Ah yes, he’s clearly not racist, he just said some incredibly shitty things and is now backpedaling so damn hard he’s burning rubber. Read more

Jun 28

Lots of confusion in comments about current shifter options on domestic half tons, although it is a little complicated in the F-150 line. Here is how they break down: Read more

Jun 11

A boat - The gift that keeps on taking. Get a nice EV, and for the days you need to tow that behemoth, rent a suitable truck.

Jun 11

When COVID-19 first started wreaking havoc in the USA, it was important to shut down the pandemic in areas where it was overwhelming medical care, and to safeguard at-risk populations. Read more

Jun 8

I agree completely. We need to slash the tires of any vehicle that might ram into people.

Jun 7

Historians a 1000 years from now:
“In the year 2020, a great pandemic arrived in the San Francisco Bay region, leading the denizens of the area to build the ‘Great Wailing Bridge’ as a monument to mark their mourning - of the valuable profits that had been lost during the economic shutdown caused by the plague. It was Read more

May 31

I’m disappointed by the amount of bootlicking cop apologists in these comments. People are sick of violent, racist, corrupt cops committing crimes like murder and getting away with it. Combined with so much other shit going on, they’re at a breaking point. They want systemic change for the better. And how are people Read more

Apr 15

First, your venting is misdirected. He’s not calling them stupid for disagreeing with him in his estimation as Mr Bloggerman as to what’s best. He (and I, and why not you?) is calling them stupid for acting in direct opposition to the instructions of medical professionals who are trying to prevent their fellow Read more

Apr 15

“There is zero benefit from not letting a store sell me paint or gardening supplies if I’m already in the store buying groceries.” Read more

Feb 29 2012

A blistering history mystery? I'm curious, and anything spurious would make me furious, for he strived to thrive in his drive to survive the onslaught of air that did solemnly swear to chuck his drag-Beetle over there. He's deserving of our yearning to be more discerning, instead of merely girning at him earning our Read more