Dec 20

Salty. The best thing I ever did financially was get rid of my VW sporty sedan for something completely different.

Nov 18

The issue with the  Volt, besides the gen 1's compromised styling, is that lack of a middle seat. It probably wasn’t an issue in focus groups, wouldn’t be in a personal/family or even a company car, but everyone was blindsided by ride-hailing and all of a sudden it needed to carry two couples plus the driver.

Nov 17

There was a an EV Chevy pickup that was claimed to have a GM “Connect and Cruise” setup.  We’re probably not far off. Electric GT out of California offers a “crate” setup with form function similar to a V8 with a little extra length. 

Nov 12

Also important to remember, it’s not just the snow that calls for winter tires— it’s the *temperature*, too. It could be dry as the desert on the ground but when it’s below freezing, those summer tires are just as lousy.

Nov 12

This, there is a guy here in Park City that has a Lamborghini Gallardo with snow tires and a ski rack on the roof/hatch. I saw him driving to the mountain in a healthy storm a couple years back.

Nov 12

Somewhere Patrick George is thinking to himself, “Are you going to stop sending THAT GUY press cars too!!!?”

Sep 25 2019

Thats been the problem with our Mac Pros’ 2 separate fixes that would have totaled thousands each were it not for apple care.

Aug 5 2019
"Do Something"

The crowd at a vigil for the Dayton victims has some words for the governor. We are all sick of platitudes. Could

Jul 29 2019

The rear frame rails are GONE. There is nothing for a new floor pan to attach to. Its just a shitty 301 powered Esprit with 133k(?) on it. Its not worth the time and effort to save. It’ll live on, providing parts to other more worthy cars to remain roadworthy.

Jul 19 2019

Haha I’m glad the bikini contest was a takeaway from the day. It really was a perfect characature of that dude. Also glad the day was enjoyable! I think you definitely got more comfortable with the car as the day went on. On Piuma it was too easy to take off in the Miata and leave you with one less brake light to Read more

Jul 7 2019

used school buses are the real value, sealed bid public auction usually. we picked this up for less then $6,000. 2006 with less then 80k miles on it with a Cat diesel. was a 74 passenger bus but we took the back 8 rows out for bike racks.

Jun 29 2019

I tried to talk the wife into bidding on a local bloodmobile that sold for a few hundred dollars at auction here recently. Apparently it’s “creepy” and we can’t build our own RV because we have “a toddler” and “jobs” and “a bunch of other projects with no recent progress.” Read more

Jun 28 2019

Ok—(cracking knuckle here). Bus owner here. I know you already moved on from the bus ownership idea. But it is do-able. You gotta go into it informed. The best site is Tons of great info-everyone is hands on people that can build their own stuff. And they happily share advice. Read more

Apr 4 2019

This is the best reply possible.  FFS, the video is about the cars, not your hair.