3:19 PM

Thats been the problem with our Mac Pros’ 2 separate fixes that would have totaled thousands each were it not for apple care.

5:18 PM

The rear frame rails are GONE. There is nothing for a new floor pan to attach to. Its just a shitty 301 powered Esprit with 133k(?) on it. Its not worth the time and effort to save. It’ll live on, providing parts to other more worthy cars to remain roadworthy.

10:52 PM

Haha I’m glad the bikini contest was a takeaway from the day. It really was a perfect characature of that dude. Also glad the day was enjoyable! I think you definitely got more comfortable with the car as the day went on. On Piuma it was too easy to take off in the Miata and leave you with one less brake light to Read more

9:05 AM

Wow, I also put Corvette wheels on my mystic teal 98 firebird! Small world.

11:33 PM

used school buses are the real value, sealed bid public auction usually. we picked this up for less then $6,000. 2006 with less then 80k miles on it with a Cat diesel. was a 74 passenger bus but we took the back 8 rows out for bike racks.

2:02 AM

Most vehicles are as reliable as the owner makes them. I plan to keep this thing on the road for at least 15 years, so it'll be totally worthless with nearly 300,000 miles on it by then. I'll probably have many hours of repairs and maintenance into it. The major plus of doing my own wrenching: it's not a Volkswagen. Read more

12:55 AM

I tried to talk the wife into bidding on a local bloodmobile that sold for a few hundred dollars at auction here recently. Apparently it’s “creepy” and we can’t build our own RV because we have “a toddler” and “jobs” and “a bunch of other projects with no recent progress.” Read more

7:32 PM

Ok—(cracking knuckle here). Bus owner here. I know you already moved on from the bus ownership idea. But it is do-able. You gotta go into it informed. The best site is Tons of great info-everyone is hands on people that can build their own stuff. And they happily share advice. Read more

3:06 PM

The answer is hydrogen fuel cell. Compressed hydrogen fills up like a propane tank. Hydrogen plus o2 from the air generates electricity.outflow is h2o. Range0400 some miles. Fill up 5 min. Gas station uses low cost overnight electric to produce hydrogen from water.

12:08 PM

I can 100% understand where he is coming from. For several years, I worked security at Richmond and usually manned the main road that cuts through the infield. At about 6:00 PM on cup race night, shit got crazy. The pre-race pit passes (that anyone with $90 in their pocket could buy) wouldn’t expire for another Read more

1:10 PM

This is the best reply possible.  FFS, the video is about the cars, not your hair.