Dashcam questions

I’m looking at dashcams again. Something I’m really interested in - the rear camera should be wireless (besides power). Bonus if it’s weatherproof and can be mounted outside (the rear one). In my recent experience (= last 15 minutes with google) it’s very hard to find reliable info on current models - Opponauts, what…

Google maps?

Hey, any google maps users in Oppo? I’ve noticed recently whenever I try to use google maps from a PC for trip planning my routes are littered with ‘incidents’, even with traffic turned off. This doesn’t matter much for shorter routes, but for longer routes it really, really sucks. The only workaround I’ve found is to…

Family heritage?

I always knew my grandfather worked for Quaker State oil, but last night I found out that my grandmother worked for Morgan Motors in New Jersey in the 1930s, and she flew in an airplane over a Bears/Royals game in Montreal with the Morgans (a big deal in the ‘30s!). It sure does run in the blood!