Friday 10:01AM

This sounds like it would be fun for a kid’s movie-themed birthday party, especially if it was not a sleepover and you could hand the hyped-up little monsters back to their parents just as the sugar high was peaking. Read more

Friday 12:41AM

Right? SOMEbody didn’t watch the most recent Last Week Tonight!

Thursday 1:59PM

A important thing to know is the military has actual restrictions on how long troops are supposedly to eat only MREs. Read more

Thursday 1:51PM

Honestly, the Huel “Hot and Savory” I tried was pretty great, Thai Green Curry flavored brown rice and quinoa with some freeze dried vegetables and other nutritional supplements. I wouldn’t want to eat it all the time, but it was legitimately tasty and if the other flavors they offer are just as good (Spicy Indian Read more

Wednesday 4:18PM

After 20 something years in, goat farming is looking like the best alternative...

6/04/21 2:08AM

Huh, I knew about that but never made the connection. They indeed have skulls on them. I guess it’s time for some good ol’ introspection and honest soul searching. I’ve been told Americans are good at it.

6/03/21 7:31PM

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, grab the cultured butter from Brittany.

6/03/21 4:06PM

I’ll add a reason to get European butter rather than “European style butter” is that from what I’ve seen, Europeans feed their cattle grass like nature intended. That means happier, healthier cows and a better product.

6/03/21 12:26PM

Honestly, I don’t drink CBD for any of the supposed calming benefits, because I, too, would rather smoke weed. I got into them as “adult” beverages that I could savor, since I’ve been sober for six years, and if done well , they taste great. Recess was the one that converted me, and I’ve been a monthly subscriber of Read more

6/03/21 9:08AM

Unsalted butter is extremely bland. Salted butter doesn’t have that much salt in it and shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t put salt on a lot of stuff you eat.  Most stuff you eat shouldn’t really need much/any extra salt so salted butter should be fine in the vast majority of diets. 

6/02/21 9:51PM

I was like ‘okay so I’m in a place nobody has been before’ because that’s what everything looks like.  Then I see signs of civilization in space and think “but where’s the cities and NPCs?” There aren’t any.  The game doesn’t even ask itself why not.

5/24/21 11:40AM

I don’t eat meat, but I wouldn’t go on a second date with someone who orders steak well done. If you’re going to eat meat, you gotta respect it and cook it properly, not murder it again, lol.

5/19/21 3:14PM

I also use an insane amount. It helps that I married into a Greek family where they get there olive oil direct from family members in Greece!

5/18/21 3:17PM

I haven’t been sick in that same stretch of time, but as someone with major sensory issues, especially when it comes to anything that is even in the most distantly tangential way similar to restraints, wearing a mask is a huge deterrent to leaving the house, even if there were no disease out there to mask up against. Read more

5/18/21 1:28PM

Obviously there is something too scary to show within the radio box since there were no pics.