Aug 8

Agree’d to your change. This country the US. Marketing made zero effort to reach those who dont need a 50,000$ F150. They simply dont care. The marketing in the US is all aspirational. If you dont have this or that you are shite. Most folks dont need 6000lbs of jack fkd truck to carry 1 kid they can barely afford and Read more

Aug 7

Big oversight. Prison Break is the patron saint of this. Its literally in the title of why this show went off the rails at the end of season one. At least somebody over at the CW liked the show enough to bring these two back together.

Aug 7

This is great, thank you! I have honestly only ever seen it written down and didn’t know what to do phonetically with the x. My Finnish does not help me here lol.

Aug 3

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Jul 22

You’d better call that Mini “Slammer” because it sure flipped that POG!

Jul 22

Oh, I got used to it by now. Also, has it’s fun moments, TBH.

Jul 17

We did not get the GT Turbo, or if we did then it was for such a brief period that I never saw one. And never mind the Turbo 2 - I saw that in “Never Say Never Again” and in the Robb Report Exotic Cars magazine, and that was about all. Read more

Jun 22

Whelp, now I feel good about Baki beating the shit outta Ali Jr. I gotta go back and watch that again. At first, I was salty about how they portrayed Ali Jr. Now, I want Baki to beat his ass again after AJ grow some balls.

Jun 16

I can’t figure out the “Class Warfare” comment. This looks like someone went to the thrift shop down the road with only 20 dollars in her pocket.

May 28

I also can’t wait to see the video of you towing David’s truck with this thing after the J10 breaks down halfway home ;)