Friday 10:29AM

Did you not read the article ?
Because I’m pretty sure it states that he apologized multiple times to his colleagues, and the fact that he’s getting his job back kiiinda mean he sought forgiveness, and got it ?

And nowhere does it say he’s claiming it’s medical, he just said he’s in therapy. Tons of people are, but very Read more

Friday 10:16AM

I’d not call Morocco or Tunisia French deserts, that’s a great way to upset, well, pretty much everyone involved ^^
Plus it looks a lot more like spain or Portugal than North Africa.

Friday 9:30AM

let me return the question: why would you wash it when a simple rise is all that it needs ?

Friday 9:26AM

Thank god it’s an old prohibitively expensive limited edition...
I already have a few red pieces and would’ve hated to be obligated to replace them.
But the pink isn’t that pretty, and the prices are stupid, so no regrets ^^

Friday 9:22AM

Dear Lord ...
Please have your arteries checked periodically, I’m starting to worry ^^

Friday 9:15AM

Civilian stuff is way better. And more expensive.
Military stuff is never good quality, it’s the cheapest thing that checked all the marks. and in the case of MREs, the marks are:
-Be a complete meal with everything needed
-Not make you violently puke it out before it is digested

And that’s it.

Civilian camping gear is way Read more

Friday 8:48AM

Yeah but for Stark it’s absolutely not a defining feature of either the man, or the hero.

For she-hulk it kinda really is. on both sides.

But hey, as I said, I really like her, and I’m sure they’ll do a good job with it all, they mostly always do. It’s just kindof a weird choice to me.

Friday 8:43AM

Or maybe it’s not an issue at all and he just felt like jerking it.

there was nothing inapropriate about his timing, assuming it actually was an accident. He’s at home, meeting was (suppose to be ^^) over for him, that’s the perfect time to do it if you ask me, especially considering how much of a wank zoom meetings Read more

Friday 4:05AM

Because of jerking off in his home ? There is not enough therapist in the world by a few hundred millions if that constitutes sex addiction lol 

Friday 4:04AM

You’ve never been publicly humiliated, have you ?
He has, by himself, in front of the entire freaking world.

I’d assume that’s why he is in therapy ?

Friday 3:56AM

I really like Tatiana Maslanybut she is super tiny, She-hulk is the OG sexy mega tall lady, why would you hire somebody that’s 163 ... 

Friday 3:51AM

If you’re gonna change absolutely everything about a show you’re “remaking”, wouldn’t it be insanely cheaper to just actually make original content ?
Not having to pay to aquire the original IP you’re completely changing anyway ?

In any case, this show sounds very much not exiting, regardless of dogs, vans and Read more

Friday 2:36AM

in my experience, yes, it is food that’s eatable, but you pretty much get canned food quality (and in the case of French MREs, you’re actually getting canned food ^^). Which, yeah can be good, but rarely is ... and it’s always heavy and impractical ...

Friday 2:29AM

I got a shelf full of it, and that’s been my experience too :)
It’s good, but too dystopian to eat at home for me. But as hiking food, it’s incredible. Way better than most freeze dried stuff I have access to, and cheaper too.
Their protein shake mix stuff is also a lot better than everything I’ve tried before as Read more

Thursday 11:44AM

I don’t think a lot of people watch Steve because they love MRE.
I certainly don’t. You watch the dude for the same reason millions of people watch a lady pop giant zits on youtube: Morbid curiosity. 

I’ve tried MREs, (US, UK and French ones) and they all taste like ass, and are really impractical in every way.

Tons of Read more

Thursday 9:52AM

I am massively privileged compared to you guys, that’s for sure.
But you’re all defending your way of doing things like it’s great. We fought hard to get ours to be a lot more humane. Read more

Thursday 4:00AM

Life lesson: If you’re having a convo in english and someone uses a weirdass word that sounds goofy as shit:
-That person is English.
-You can google the word by adding the subject matter in the search (here, go “hob cooking”, and it’ll show you a bunch of images of hot plates of all kinds ^^)

Wednesday 11:53AM

Hummmm, I do use a lot of butter, but I tend to mostly cook for 1 or 2, that might be why, 30s on high has always been enough to fully melt the butter I needed to melt :)

Wednesday 11:51AM

hourlies leave at 5:30 and 4:30 on friday. with the same lunch break. I do about 10h more per week than they do. And I’m not their boss anyways, the boss works a ton more than I do. He’s helping to empty a truck right now because one of our warehouse guys is in the hospital.
And no I don’t have kids. I’d probably just Read more