Jan 16 2018

He is supporting his son. He is being open minded about something you are clearly not. Read more

Nov 20 2017

It’s been said before, but Overwatch is not a villain here, yet it is continually referenced. Overwatch boxes have no gameplay advantage. You can’t even buy them in-game (on Xbox), and it took months for me to learn they even existed. I like to throw them five bucks during the events in exchange for the hundreds of Read more

Nov 9 2017

Video replay is terrible. Period. In every single freaking sport it sucks. Why anyone would want to introduce it to a new one is beyond me. The point of sports is to be entertained, not to achieve objective truth. If the ref rules the ball out, and the replay shows it’s not, I’ll complain about it with my friends Read more

Nov 9 2017

The GOP will say that the victims were to blame for being young and attractive, and that they asked for it.

Nov 6 2017

Maintenance Guy: So there’s a leak in the roof above the court. It should be simple, we just have to... Read more

Nov 3 2017

As a black man living in America, I feel the NFL protests appropriately draw attention to one of America’s gravest race-based sins at a venue that makes it uncomfortably difficult for those either apathetic to or complicit in it to ignore. Read more

Oct 27 2017

We think that because that is literally, word for word, exactly what he did. He literally compared his players to prison inmates, and the NFL to a prison. We think that he did that because he actually, demonstrably did that. Read more

Oct 15 2017

But without that rule, doesn’t Culberson just plow into Contreras? I get that this is the MLB equivalent of the “What’s a catch?” but I think that play is dramatically different if the rule doesn’t exist. Maddon wants it repealed, but then we go back to arguably the most dangerous hits in US sports. I think Maddon has Read more

Oct 12 2017


Aug 23 2017

worrying about the well being of the species is arrogant now? TIL

Aug 23 2017

Every animal, every living thing on earth affects the biosphere. Of course as a whole there is a balance but everything affects it, and we, as much as we try to distance ourselves from the concept, are part of nature. Read more

Aug 3 2017

All tournaments should have money in an escrow account weeks before a tournament.

Jul 5 2017

Says the guy who was outraged at tennis reporters’ descriptions of a car accident