So what your saying it’s like the circle of life. Hmmmm, interesting..., deep.
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that sounds like a bad christine reboot  Read more

lol - all the stars for you.
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My dad did this but in our boat, and it was our reserve tank... That sucked, took an hour to flag someone down to tow us to the marina, and an hour or more to get there. Dad blamed me and my brother for “distracting him”.
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You asked though. I hereby decree you are absolved from any responsibility.
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Damn, I should have put diesel in my Pinto and siphoned the tank... cause I could never get mine to run right! :) Read more

This reminded me of when my boss put 300 gallons of gasoline into one of our diesel motor coaches at my college job. Turns out finding a place to put 300 gallons of contaminated gas is pretty difficult when you’re 80 miles from the nearest major city/ fleet repair shop. Read more

They run a lot better than diesel engines do on gasoline. My 1990 350SDL got a new engine at 177,000 miles courtesy of a convenience store’s liability insurance because the fuel tanker driver filled the underground diesel tank with gasoline. It was a full engine including a new injector pump, drop shipped from Read more

And as with us who grew up in the 80s, it was always 110% us dumb kids’ fault, never the adults. Read more

That was just you being safety first and trying to minimize the chance of fiery death!!! Read more

How long before you come out of a store to find a petulant child sitting in it and a harrassed parent trying to find where to put the coins in? Read more

Right, I remember it had to do with the police equipment too. For some reason I recall hearing that the spot they installed the gear (top of the spare tire shelf in the trunk) was close in proximity to the top of the gas tank, and they were puncturing the tank with the self-tapping screws. Read more

Well look who is now the owner of a 90s Lincoln. Thank you. Read more

Yeah, agreed, I actually like this truck and it would be a fun toy.  But I dont like the price.  $21900 seems high to me based on some cursory research.  CP at the asking price. Read more

I. . . I owned a ‘91 Chevy Corsica. I really liked that car. . . Read more

Please, you just wait until I find my first car, which is probably worth like $57 million by now... WHITE, ‘81 Chevette, 4-door with RWD and a “hot idle”... like 1300 RPMs. Red “leather” (vinyl) interior, and a passenger seat that leaned back for you. It was ALWAYS ready to go! Read more