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Jun 16
Bought a Teal thing.

After carefully considering the comments from my post last week, I went and bought the 200SX anyway. The dealer came

Jun 16
Bought a Thing.

After carefully listening to all of Oppo, I went and purchased the 200SX anyways. The dealer came down quite a bit

Jun 3
So, New Batmobile??

Well, it is a “bit” more understated than the prior several Batmobiles. However, I question what is going on under

May 7
1/2 Hour Woodcraft

My wife sprained her ankle pretty bad yesterday, and she’s having a tough time getting around on a gimpy leg. So...I

May 1
A few beers in,,

This week sucked, hard. My uncle died last weekend, after being in an extenddd care facility down in Florida. Then