May 28

The bigger mystery to me is, who watches these videos? Who follows these people and wants to listen to basic people spewing basic shit for 45 minutes, which could be condensed into 2 minutes but they stretch it out foreeeeever to get more $$$$? Read more

Mar 31 2020

Cheers to you Kristen. I always enjoyed your writing! Good luck in your future endeavors. Read more

Mar 11 2020

I think one of the easiest pieces of advice is just “drive it like a normal car”.

Mar 9 2020

Not to sound like Clarkson, but I think that’s because Lambo is the only elite car maker that still seems absorb the ridiculousness of their product. I could see one with a faux rocket thruster and laser beam. The interior is all weird angles and unnecessary switches with bright red covers. Ferrari is chasing track Read more

Feb 26 2020

warren is fucking it. she is smart, prepared, and willing to fight. she's a goddamn leader. how do people not want this person in charge? i want her in charge. i want to live in a place she leads. 

Feb 23 2020

The real reason for flying boats was the fixed pitch prop. Prior to adjustable pitch props you had either a climb or cruise prop, if you wanted to be able to cruise at altitude at a decent speed and at a low cruise RPM you needed a flat pitch prop. This was the equivalent of fifth gear in a car and just like top gear Read more

Feb 21 2020

The Corvette kept its composure even with mid-corner gear changes, so smooth were the shifts that they surely must have been lubricated by purist tears. Read more

Feb 13 2020

My neighbor has an i8 and I don’t think it has the fun factor. It’s too modern and everything is filtered. What this guy needs is a real car. Something that’s still analog and you can feel the road through.

Feb 6 2020

Sound advice man. I wanted a set for my Crown Vic but invested in some HID projectors first. Still not enough for some of the night runs I make so when I can afford them, Baja Designs pods are what I’m aiming for.

Jan 29 2020

Am I the only one who’s actually more impressed that the Huracan Performante is still in 2nd place? There is no instant electric torque magic happening there like with the 918 or the Taycan... Bravo Lamborghini.