9:07 AM

The whiners are the poor people who can’t even afford a base model new A6, let alone a RS6.  They can bitch all they want, the people who wanted this car will line up to buy it.  

6:16 PM

If it comes stateside, and is a reasonable price, I’ll buy it. I fully understand that I’m the niche market though. 2 kids, lots of travel time over mountain passes (need AWD), want an alternative to E63 wagons, wanted a Volvo V90 T8 but was denied by Volvo... I’m in. Which means it won’t happen.

2:27 PM

There was a UK TV show (don’t recall if it was BBC or ITV) many many (many!) years ago that experimented with that exact notion with a WRC driver on an RAC Rally forest course. Same car and driver, one round going as fast as he could with all the rear-end-out turns and sideways stuff, and a 2nd round where he drove Read more

2:09 PM

A V10 TDI Touareg and a W12 Phaeton are the two VWs that I want to own. I know both have the reputation of being maintenance and reliability nightmares but these two were so overengineered that my nerdy engineer brain irrationally wants them. Read more

4:39 PM

Welcome to the liberal communist state of California. Hopefully shit like this makes you think about who your voting for. 

3:43 PM

You don’t have to hide it, China have so many counterfeit products its not even funny. Internationally, they are notorious for brand name knock offs, locally, they have fake meat, fake detergent, even fake baby food etc. American made product to Chinese locals means quality control product. Read more

11:56 AM

Buick is a name that has been known and ingrained in the Chinese people since before Buick was GM.
Read more

10:35 PM

When Tiger Woods won last month at Augusta, all the talking heads were saying it was the “greatest comeback in the history of sports”. The first I thought of was Niki. It will be a very long time if ever before we see someone go from last rights to the grid in six weeks to World Champion in a year.  Heroic stuff.

6:33 PM

The VR6 motor was a real gem. I drove a Corrado SLC and it was so eager to rev and smoke the tires at every 1-2 shift. The official 7 sec 0-60 time sounds slow, but it felt a whole lot faster than any number of 6 sec 0-60 cars you find today, which are all laggy and jerky.

1:25 PM

On new cars, I don’t care. Like the pic above, I have a 2015 Lexus and in fact, after almost 4 years, I never once opened the hood.  The dealer does maintenance - so far.  My older cars - yes, I need to check oil and such. but new cars, all that checking is done by sensors so there is no need.

4:25 PM

It must be hard being the only man on earth who can hear the Sound of Silence.

2:52 PM

I like it. It’s a good fit for someone like a homeowner who does DIY or people who don’t need to haul heavy stuff. 

4:03 PM

No V8 is always a poor choice, unless it involves that disgusting vegetable juice.

7:41 PM

Say laws. Laws is stronger than rules. 

12:34 PM

To be fair, I have come across a lot of disrespectful cyclists. The most common offense I encounter is running red lights or stop signs as if they weren’t even there or didn’t apply to them, and unexpectedly swerving from the shoulder into the middle of the lane in front of me without any sort of hand signals. I’m Read more