Jul 11 2014

Wife called because she was at K-Mart (we don't have one very close to us) and wanted to see if there was any special Hot Wheels to look for. KEEPER!

Jun 28 2014

Assetto Corsa is $20 on Steam and I bought it. So that's all the Steam Summer Sale I can handle. Also nobody in my steam list has Assetto Corsa :(

Jun 25 2014

Steam Summer Sale has met its match. iRacing offered me 50% off a 1-year sub to come back. Shut up and take my money, iRacing.

Jun 13 2014

Someone needs to find/make a guide to situations where you may need to flash your lights. Such as "use fog lights to signal radar gun" "lights on/off to signal fellow drivers that their headlights are off" and so on and so forth. My co-worker is in dire need of this graphic...