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Oh no, sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t doing due diligence but more a frustration that my colleagues never seem to be represented in articles and I don’t understand why: I assume that folks reach out to the usual suspects—the TIXC from the biggies like Stanford and UConn and Swarthmore ...why don’t we Read more

Why has nobody ever called me for more information ... asked the person posting under an anonymous Kinja account that can’t be tracked. Read more

I just heard an interview on npr about whether a cop is obligated to perform first aid after shooting someone. The general protocol is to make sure the situation is safe (by handcuffing and the victim so they are no longer able to access a weapon) call an ambulance and give the shooting victim first aid. The cop is Read more

I’m biracial (white dad, black mom) married to a white man. I’m hoping we’ll end up parroting my upbringing which was basically like “people who think race matters are short sighted bigots, but we live in a world of idiots. Here are the things you need to be wary of because your skin is darker than most.” They raised Read more

I tried explaining this to my husband who is white. We are possibly soon to be parents to a child that will be seen as black, or other, to most of American society. I mentioned that we will have to have “The Talk”. He immediately started talking about how he wants his child to grow up not focusing on race. I had to Read more

This is a brilliant piece, Diana, as are all of your pieces on this topic. However, as a Title IX Coordinator (at a D-1 school), there were moments where I wish someone like me had been given an opportunity to add information (a few places I saw some misinformation from outsiders on the student judicial process). Very Read more

You’re saying this as if there aren’t ANY organizations dedicated to rectifying and stopping intraracial violence, especially gang violence. Just because YOU don’t think people care doesn’t make that the truth. Also, you wanna talk about how 80 people were shot over the holiday weekend. Do you also want to talk about Read more


Probably because when a gangster shoots someone, he goes to jail. When a cop shoots someone, they retire and receive a pension.

I care about black and white and hispanic and middle eastern and asian people being killed by anyone. I care about gun violence against anyone and perpetrated by anyone. But when the cops do the shooting, it is a special kind of brutality because my taxes paid to put the guns in their hands so that they can keep me Read more

OWhere is the NRA, where are open-carry activists, where are pro-gun politicians, when these citizens are murdered by the police for owning what it is their right to own? Fucking nowhere. Read more

I don’t think it’s about affording to hire better LEO candidates. I think these are the candidates they WANT. NYPD faced and won a lawsuit to continue the right to reject officer candidates that had too high of an IQ as they claimed they were ‘less likely to obey orders or the command structure’ or something like Read more

I also want to point out that it’s not just racist white cops. Asian cops, Hispanic cops, and other Black cops have the same mentality: Black people are more dangerous than other people, and should be treated callously. That is what policing is, and the race of the officer only changes that attitude sometimes, or just Read more

I am crying. I cannot get out my head the image of his face as he is fading away. The sadness in his eyes. The expression of “this is how I will die, it is unfair and idiotic”. Poor soul. Read more

Black Women less at risk of murder by white cops, more at risk of rape and sexual assault by their hands, though. That’s not better.

That’s why the departments themselves don’t keep those records.

I remember seeing a stat mot long after Tamir Rice’s murder that 83% of police brutality complaints were filed against 6% of the cops. Read more

“In cases where innocent individuals are shot by police officers” Read more

I read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me recently, and was struck by his purposeful use of the word body, over and over. To have your body taken away, to have black bodies stolen. That was a strong reminder that this is a violent physical thing that happens to real people, and not some abstract thing from Read more