David Swartwood
Friday 11:56AM

Henry Ford’s first plant was on Mack Avenue and it didn’t seem to confuse anyone.

6/03/21 7:37AM

I truly believe most people don’t really understand NFTs. Or the art market. Or money laundering. Read more

6/03/21 12:07AM

it was never clear just why NFTs were commanding such staggering prices. Bragging rights?”
Money laundering

5/26/21 12:43PM

This is the reason that the drag cars have that extra bit of separation that this truck did not. Read more

5/22/21 9:12AM

There are some really talented people on Twitch, which has spent money and time moving away from being just for gaming. They have genuine entertainers and podcasters on there. Which is why I’m more confused that people are so up in arms a hot girl wants to stream from a hot tub. It can be a place for multiple things - Read more

5/22/21 6:38AM

you are lamenting the ever present human behaviour of wanting to bone and wanting to make a buck.  I feel for you and your uphill struggle.

5/22/21 12:04AM

Who gives a shit? Watching some girl on in a hot tub on Twitch sounds like an incredible waste of time. But kinda the existence of Twitch is to waste time. Now if you’re mad that everyone on Twitch is wasting their time on tits instead of watching someone else play video games I really don't know what to fucking tell Read more

5/21/21 8:37PM

Sitting around in my undies playing video games is pretty much how I spend my weekends. If I was in a bizzaro world where horny strangers would give me money to do it my life would be made.

5/21/21 8:08PM

10 years ago (2011) the #1 Most Viewed video on YouTube was Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. #2 was “Talking dog wants bacon”. Read more

5/21/21 6:08PM

Fuck all these prudish, misogynist tech giants. As a guy I can show up with no shirt and shorts that are shorter than any bathing suit I own, but if I’m a woman I have to cover up a bunch more and can’t wear a swimsuit unless I’m at a beach? Read more

5/03/21 2:20PM

Which is a fine alternative (are they available?), but from what I understand, lacks the U1 chip.

5/02/21 10:49PM

But why would you do that since Apple partners with Chiplolo for any type of tag you could want? The only difference is that it says Chipolo.
Read more

4/30/21 9:13AM

She already explained the point. They are for hiding in your significant other’s car because unwanted tracking alerts doesn’t work very well.

3/15/21 4:41PM

Because roads are subject to the tragedy of the commons. I can’t send more kids to school but I can get a bigger vehicle and drive more. A basically unlimited resource that belongs to everyone is subject to abuse.

12/08/20 1:47PM

They didn’t. But the people who would buy this don’t know, their idea of a great sub is things vibrating. Sonos is selling a <300 W RMS sub with less cone area than an 8" sub for $700. UI and KISS is everything to most buyers.

12/08/20 11:04AM

So, serious question coming from Pro Audio side of things... How did they figure out the whole phase cancellation thing? Because depending on how it’s all set up and deployed, you can get more bass in some spots, and no bass in others. Read more