David Puddy the 2nd
Aug 10

The cops had already determined they were going to try to shoot someone when they got word that the parties involved in this altercation were either black or homeless.

Aug 4

I’ve gone to HR twice in my professional career.

The first time, at a local tv network, after being made to work 18 hour days for 3-4 months because one of the other employees would consistently show up to work so fucked up that he couldn’t function. This was well documented and he’d been written up multiple times, but Read more

Aug 2

The people behind the scenes of Ellen’s show aren’t working in bumblefuck with no unionization or human resources. They’re grown ass people that I’m sure have held other positions before they got hired for the Ellen show. If that workplace has become so toxic their first stop should have been HR not fucking twitter. Read more

Jul 31

To be fair, really? Fair? When the other side has no decency, no morals, and does not understand the concept of “fair”, I decline to offer any semblance of fairness to them. As they sow, so shall they reap. The statement from them could have as easily said “peasant”, as that is what they mean. Using a euphemism is not Read more

Jul 30

If a little “curb contact” busts a ball joint or breaks a control arm, your car is a piece of shit. Go walk down your street and you’ll probably find curb rash on 9 out of 10 sets of wheels. Then note how many of them also have busted ball joints.

Jul 28

While I don’t disagree, that’s not a conversation worth spending time on with him. ;) 

Jul 27

Same! I was first ungreyed on io9, and now Giz and their sites are the ONLY ones I’m grayed on.

Jul 24

Broadly because those that support it are very used to being a minority voice. I apologize, didn’t mean to make an assumption. I’m very passionate about this subject, for a lot of the reasons stated above, and it’s very frustrating having something that can save millions of lives being treated like it is somehow worse Read more

Jul 23

Could it be that the type of people that buy EVs (disproportionately affluent, white collar, well educated, homeowners, with another car) are less affected by COVID than your average car buyer? You can’t just say because EV sales dropped less than the car market as a whole, that EVs milquetoast sales was entirely Read more

Jul 23

their profit wasn’t from making cars, but rather selling emissions credits to other car companies

Jul 22

See I thought the qualifier “actual” implied the author is aware the conspiracy refrain of toxic chemicals being in those literal clouds is nuts. Read more

Jul 21

The US has been subsidizing low drug prices around the world for decades, sometimes to the detriment of our own impoverished citizens. Read more