David Puddy the 2nd
9:11 AM

This is true for almond milk. They are absolutely one of the most mater intensive nuts out there, and the fact they typically come from drought stricken California is insane. Oat milk is far less water intensive. Read more

9:08 AM

No one is telling anyone what they have to do. The dairy industry has been in decline for decades and it isn’t uppity vegans who are responsible. It is largely the dairy industry’s own fault as their commercial farming practices have soured (pun intended) a lot of people and their lobbying to include dairy products as Read more

9:03 AM

Yeah, I really wonder how a country like Hong Kong who was de facto independent until 1997 could ever survive as a city state. Truly it can’t do such a thing, definitely not like Singapore has been doing for decades. A city of 7.4m people and a bigger economy than countries like New Zealand and Denmark? Preposterous. Read more

10:04 PM

Maybe a more reasonable example would be if some game tester heard of an exploit and tried it out at home and got banned from the game he works on. Read more

10:04 AM

The Hong Kong authorities banned face masks during protests. People wear face masks to show solidarity.

2:49 PM

I’m completely behind making the penalties for distracted driving the same as for drunk driving. Removing distractions from a car is practically impossible as the usual cause of distractions are brought by the driver. Read more