David Mack
9:49 PM

Of all the DS9 characters, Nog had the most developed character arc. He started out as a scheming Ferengi following in his Uncle Quark’s footsteps to a full fledged Starfleet Lieutenant. Aron also had one of the better episodes in “It’s Only A Paper Moon.” I only wished the video had the scene after the holodeck

4:47 PM

“It’s only a Paper Moon” is one of my favorite episodes of DS9. It really speaks to the limits of escapism and helped flesh out both Vic Fontaine and Nog as characters. Even now, years later, I still feel for Nog. This is largely due to the amazing performance that Aron Eisenberg gave. I will think of him fondly and I

1:01 PM

Maaaan.... I felt Nog so annoying at the beginning but by the end of the show, after seeing his arc develop, after seeing his character grow, he became my favorite character in Deep Space Nine.  It’s Only A Paper Moon is such a beautiful episode of Star Trek.  Aron was a true talent.

12:25 PM

This dude proved that there are no small parts. He took a minor, minor role and grew it into one Starfleet's greatest officers. The writers believed in him and gave him his own episode, a character piece no less. "It's Only a Paper Moon" is one of DS9s best.

12:01 PM

I just re-watched the DS9 episode “It’s Only a Paper Moon” in his honor and memory. The work he did there, especially in scenes with James Darren, really is remarkable. R.I.P. sir, and thank you. The Ferengi Divine Treasury is enriched even as we feel your loss.

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Remember when this website defended the individual’s right to like what they like, even when others said they were poo? Read more

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They should have used a Dune level Patrick Stewart or younger, not a TNG one.

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You forgot to list THE IRON CODEX, Book Two of the Dark Arts series by New York Times bestselling author David Mack (i.e., moi) coming from Tor Books on January 15 in trade paperback, eBook, and digital audiobook:

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I know the people at Orlando Food Not Bombs (an amazing organization that has repeatedly won tough legal fights) and they will be the first to tell you that this is how it starts. Read more

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That moment when being a trust-fund kid who has the ability to wax poetic about a system they’ve never taken the time to understand is suddenly meant to be a legitimate worldview.

Holy fuck. Do you have any idea how committees function? Do you have any idea how the basic branches of government are intended to work?

Do Read more

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This is some weak ass bullshit. The Democrats had no power. We’ve known since Kennedy retired that this was a losing battle, but it was a battle that the Democrats had to fight. They mounted as effective a campaign against Kavanaugh as could be made, and they lost, which was absolutely to be expected. This loss was Read more

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This sites hatred of this show borders on insane. It’s a fucking TV show. Get over it...

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In the Discovery tie-in novel “Desperate Hours” the Enterprise was described as having newer uniforms than the Shenzhou because it was from the state-of-the-art Constitution class.

8:52 PM

The recent Star Trek Destiny series of books by David Mack was amazing and totally upended the Star Trek world while including a lot of characters from different series. Aside from the early SW novels, it is my favorite tie-in.