David Mack
Aug 30 2019

I’ve tried this trick before — doesn’t Apple usually take away the premium versions of older iPhone models after announcing the new ones, in order to drive customers to the new products? Read more

Jan 1 2019

You forgot to list THE IRON CODEX, Book Two of the Dark Arts series by New York Times bestselling author David Mack (i.e., moi) coming from Tor Books on January 15 in trade paperback, eBook, and digital audiobook:

Jun 7 2018

Syfy is a cable channel, not a broadcast channel. FCC content regulations do not apply to Syfy.

May 9 2018

And while everyone is distracted by the Tony Stark rogues’ gallery, this guy flies off with the armor, reverse-engineers it, and re-sells cheap knock-offs on the black market.

Sep 21 2017

One tiny correction: the correct spelling of the ship’s name is Shenzhou (note the H following the Z). Read more

Jul 27 2017

No, Kirsten isn’t an idiot. She is a New York Times bestselling Star Trek novelist, and one of the most talented writers I know. Read more

Jun 22 2017

If you want to find out why the crews of the Discovery and the Shenzhou aren’t wearing those snazzy blue and gold turtleneck uniforms, you’ll just have to buy a copy of the first Star Trek: Discovery novel, Desperate Hours, which has a bit that explains that detail. Read more

Dec 14 2016

It’s not ideal, no. But there is plenty of precedent for officers of the line (or, as I believe the U.S. navy currently refers to them, Fully Warfare Qualified Unrestricted Line (URL) Officers) of lesser rank having operational authority over higher-ranked personnel lacking that designation.

Dec 14 2016

Lieutenant Commander is a rank; first officer is a billet (job function). The two are not necessarily linked. An officer can fill the XO billet without necessarily being the second-highest ranking officer on a ship. It is possible, for instance, for the XO of a ship to be a lieutenant, and its chief medical officer a Read more

Sep 8 2016

I think they’re pretty good, but mine is a heavily biased opinion. ;-)

Jan 21 2016

I grew up loving both Star Trek and Star Wars. Thanks to syndicated reruns, Star Trek was the first to imprint itself upon my psyche, but that in no way diminished my wonder upon seeing the first Star Wars film in May 1977. Read more

Mar 20 2015

All interesting questions — many of which Greg Cox and I endeavored to answer in our two tie-in novels for The 4400, which we crafted to serve as an unofficial "series finale" tale. Read more

Nov 18 2014

I wish we lived in a world where Rachel McAdams had played Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight instead of Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal, respectively.