2/06/19 2:09PM

Did you read his full statement? He absolutely took ownership of it, sincerely apologized, and asked for forgiveness. We’ve gotta stop holding people to actions they committed 40 years ago *if* (and this is a big “if” here) they’ve demonstrated that they’ve grown and changed as a person. I believe Mark Herring has, Read more

2/06/19 1:23PM

Did you not read his statement? It comes off as pretty darn sincere and he definitely takes responsibility. It’s in the article but I’ll put it here for you as well. Read more

1/18/19 3:40PM

When I think about the slip-ups and mixed up words I’ve said, they usually relate to switching syllables and/or vowel sounds in either one word or two sequential words. Or, omitting a syllable by talking too quicly. Thus King Junior could become ‘K-unior’ or some other variation which can sound rather unfortunate.

The Read more

1/18/19 1:04PM

Freudian slips happen to people of all ages. The word ‘King’ is very easily turned to ‘Coon’ as the syllabic-ally they are pretty close, and anyone who speaks for a living knows this. That’s why Roker is defending the guy. People make mistakes, and again, this would have been the dumbest thing to do as a news anchor Read more

12/26/18 9:54AM

I hate that his apology is a non apology. “Apologies if I offended anyone.” Seriously? A grown man who is clearly intelligent should not just be learning that such a comment is at the root of anti semitism. There is literally no difference between a white person going to a party in black face and apologizing if he Read more

12/24/18 12:40PM

I thought it was a compliment when I said you can dance better than white dudes because you’re inherently different. I was just quoting racist tropes from other people, sorry if I offended, thought it was positive! Read more

12/01/18 7:01AM

It can also roughly translate to “Stop being a f*cking tw*t, you dozy c*nt. Who the f*ck gave you a license if you can’t tell your bloody arse from your elbow” if you are driving in London.

11/29/18 7:25AM

I’m not familiar with the place. Most of my life has been in the greater Syracuse, NY area with a brief stint in the far side of Ohio.

11/27/18 6:12PM

Well, here we are. Another long article to say nothing other than the same tired bullshit: Is it really all that necessary, Jews, that we condemn people merely for propagandizing anti-semitism? Can’t we all get along? Can’t you guys just shush? Read more

11/25/18 10:00PM

The USNCA predictions are based around the IPCC’s RCP 8.5, which assumes a 15°F temperature rise by 2100. The IPCC’s own AR5 discounts RCP 8.5 as a quality model: “Warming above 4°C by 2081–2100 is unlikely in all RCPs (high confidence) except for RCP8.5, where it is about as likely as not (medium confidence)“. If Read more

11/25/18 3:15PM

The organization who advocates for the protection of uncontacted peoples (Survival International) have said just that, its very likely the whole island population could be in the midst of facing death from his germs which they have no immunity to. They may dying right now. Read more

11/24/18 6:46PM

It’s not an overt threat because they didn’t threaten anyone or otherwise break any laws. It’s callous, dumbass behavior, but it is in fact protected by the First Amendment.

11/21/18 2:55PM

The IDF has actually redesigned itself quite a few times even over its recent history, which I happen to know after stumbling over papers detailing how it responded to Lebanon (which it lost because it had designed itself to hold to the riot control paradigm you detailed and let Mossad’s wetwork team deter all foreign Read more

11/21/18 2:20PM

I wish the comment hadn’t been ungreyed, but I do appreciate the accuracy of your reply.

11/21/18 1:49PM

Sort of? For some of them some of the time, anyway. I mean, a large percentage of the US armed forces are support that don’t actually fight, but I assume you mean groups like infantry with this question. (Also, we use our military for a lot of things other than fighting - building, disaster relief, training other Read more

11/17/18 2:18PM

Jesus, it's not that fucking hard. Stay off they gas and you can drive pretty much anything pretty much anywhere.

11/17/18 1:31PM

Show me where in the 1st ammendment it says it only applies to citizens residing in the US? The only part you might be able to infer as citizens regards peaceable assembly. If you read them closely, virtually all of the Bill of Rights say nothing about what a person can and can’t do. It states what the U.S. Federal Read more