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I still can’t believe they let the FX go. I mean, I can, because Infiniti product planning, but even granting that the styling wasn’t for everyone, it was an aggressive, overpowered (for its time), luxury SUV. They coulda/shoulda kept it as an SUV halo model, at least.


This looks good, but it also looks like the Aviator and Velar, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Read more

Sep 24

Here’s a serious idea for an article: an essay thinking about the necessary contradictions of loving cars and being a person concerned with climate change and the well-being of the world. To take it further: what does it mean to be a person of the left who loves cars, particularly internal combustion cars? What’s the Read more

Sep 24

This is a shitpost right? Is shitposting allowed on the front page?

Sep 24

Doing what they’re doing is a far more complicated policy decision than you’re identifying - with plenty of complications and problems that make 2035 an aggressive deadline. Just a few of them: Read more

Sep 24

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Sep 22

To be fair, even the producers of the Jurassic films can’t get the biology of the things right. Read more

Sep 18

I’m more curious about the SAAB. 

Sep 18

Where I live I usually get the opposite, people insisting their car is small when it’s quite large. Back in my day as a grocery boy someone would say “put it in that little car over there” and while popping the trunk on their Crown Victoria.

Sep 18

Same with Oregon. Once we were looking for a parking spot at Target, and my wife was driving, and I said, “There’s one, between those two Subarus.” She replied, “You’ll have to be more specific. EVERY spot around here is between the Subarus.”

Sep 18

Maybe these RAV4 buyers didn’t know that they could get an interesting car instead.” Read more

Sep 18

Come to New England and start counting Subaru Foresters or Outbacks.  You will go absolutely mad. 

Sep 16

Same, and I love all those guys, but I didn’t see much in there that was really funny to me.

Sep 15

How can we have had rogue one and mandolorian and the main movies were so mediocore. They totally picked the wrong people to lead the movies, JF and co are clearly the people making the real Star Wars.

Sep 14

“I could care less” is the one that really does it for me. Anyone saying that hasn’t actually thought about what they’re saying. Unless they actually do mean that they could care less than they currently do. But they never do mean that...

Jul 7 2017

The movie already has a diverse cast. How can it possibly do better? By having a 33 year old play someone half his age? Read more