Thursday 1:58PM

Writer has a decent budget and wants something funky, and unique.

12/07/19 3:11PM

I wont go to the theater and see it but i'll definitely get stoned at home and take a look at it.

11/01/19 3:40PM

120 dollars for a few inches of mass produced wood and plastic out of place hands. Conceptually I love it, but I think Lego is seriously overstepping the bounds of “collectible” and into ripoff. Comparably sized figurines I can find on various sites seem to go for much less when mass produced, and for this price you Read more

9/24/19 5:39PM

Ehhhh, Fight Club has its own missusage. Same with movies like Wolf of Wallstreet and shows like Rick and Morty - you’re not supposed to identify these people as ‘good’ or ‘stable’ or ‘sane’. But because there are glimmers of success, power, and prestige in the individuals depicted in those kinds of film/television, Read more

8/10/19 2:34PM

40% of party registered voters in the US are Democrats, only 25% are Republican. Its becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep up the pretense that their either the ‘silent majority’ or the ‘moral majority’. Because they’re certainly not moral, they’re certainly not the majority, and unfortunately for the rest Read more

8/08/19 10:31AM

This is fucking hilarious and thanks for explaining it, because I was still at the figuring-out stage of saying her name out loud and trying to come up with anagrams.

7/28/19 1:04PM

Alaska is pretty easy to get killed in if you go in with certain personal attributes.  

6/17/19 12:41PM

honestly you end up getting so many weapons that I was annoyed my weapons weren’t breaking fast enough

5/06/19 7:04PM

Nice to see the comments already filled with people who don’t understand why unions are important or how workplace demos work and are instead already out here speaking nonsense.

5/02/19 5:52PM

I don’t see how it’s true. Some things, like Thanos’ first death, happen so quickly they’d be over before you have a chance to take a photo. Also, not ONE person sat around him told him to put his phone away, over those three hours?

5/02/19 5:41PM

So that guy dedicated a year of his life forming a fake friendship in order to get back at the guy who . . . spoiled a movie? Read more

4/28/19 11:00PM

I kind of wish he had a super heavy Minnesotan accent, and I also kind of wish when he killed Theon he would have looked right at the camera and had asked: “Cold enough for ya?”. Read more

4/28/19 10:42PM

The Night King doesn’t feel like a villain.  He’s more like a natural disaster, or Godzilla.  I like that he didn’t start explaining himself in a pleasant baritone.

4/15/19 1:44PM

Puberty? Isaac Hempstead Wright is 20. He went through puberty several seasons ago. That’s what he looks like as an adult.

5/18/16 3:30PM

Cattails are one of the most prevalent plants across the globe. They grow almost everywhere. The Western Red Cedar listed grows in a part of the Pacific Northwest. Read more