Jul 6

Never had to work outside for a few hours in 100+ degree heat, have you?

May 26

Id rather be choking from coronavirus than from being smothered by a tyrannical government. 
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Feb 19

Whew, I’m glad SOMEBODY is here to defend the banks. Imagine a world in which people who are not as smart and responsible as 1995-Longroof don’t intrinsically deserve everything that happens to them - god, I just can’t even bear to think about it!

Jan 28

“Don’t worry kiddo, the boomers will die soon and stop voting lying, narcissistic, racist leaders into office.”

Dec 19

Part of the issues, and reason Mitch doesn’t want witnesses, is that some of the brown nosers are saying they want people like Hunter & Joe Biden (did they force Trump to do something?), Schiff, and several others that either have no bearing on Trump’s crimes or would be improper to call.  They would just be Read more

Dec 19

Yes, they DO get to call witnesses. Under oath. Which means that spouting the “UKRAINE messed with the election!” claptrap becomes much more difficult to justify when you are facing contempt charges if you are lying.

Dec 19

Good. I hope they call witnesses. What first-hand testimony could possibly help Trump? 

Dec 19

Please have him testify. Someone goad him into it. Call him a coward, anything to get him to appear and talk. It’ll be a real Queeg moment (Caine Mutiny reference, go watch it, it’s a great movie).
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Oct 1 2019

Yep. The Trump regime wants to publicly discredit any institution that he perceives as being against him, but that doesn’t mean he won’t use those same institutions to fight his battles. They’re very large bureaucracies that are bound by law to do what he says, more or less. William Barr is currently traveling the Read more

Sep 19 2019

The homeless are polluting the oceans with needles! But screw state rights, California, you can’t set emissions standards! Corporations have a right to pollute the air. I care about the environment!! Bigly!” - Bloated Cheeto

Sep 18 2019

Your personal liberty ends when it trumps other people’s liberties. Tell it to the 1300 people that die annually in California from air pollution. Source: American Thoracic Society. (They are a bunch of pulmonary specialist doctors, what the hell do they know about pollution anyway?)

Sep 18 2019

What Trump is doing is revoking states’ rights. If Californians disagree with how their chosen representatives do something they can vote new people in to change things. Read more