Danimalk - Drives a Slow Car Fast
11:28 AM

The local-ish Alfa dealer has a new 2018 4C on the lot for about $20k off, so if we apply that logic it should be pretty damn cheap you should get an alfa instead.

4:22 PM

The more I watch that video the more it makes me sad. As someone who’s been attending the Petit Le Mans for the last 13 years, I’m going to miss the distinctive bellow of the Corvettes. Now it just sounds like a Ferrari or Porsche, it doesn’t stand out as unique. Previously you could close your eyes and easily pick Read more

12:34 AM

Wait, you’re ranting about someone taking an interest in your interests... I can’t relate.  


Date: So, what do you like?

Me: Well, a bunch of things, but I really like ca-
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4:52 PM

As someone who owned one, I disagree. For a mid sized truck the cockpit is fantastic and the interior materials and ergonomics were far and away better than the Tacoma was in 2016. Read more

4:49 PM

Counterpoint: Why does everything need four doors? We need more two-door cars.

1:25 PM

Incels?!? Really... we’re still talking about that crap. I live minutes from the location of the Toronto incel terrorist attack, I walk by it every day, I was there and saw the van an hour after it happened... I know a thing or two about Incels. Nothing in this movie had anything to do with Incels. It is about a very Read more

11:25 PM

who’s excusing? I’m saying instead of “this is why i hate Democrats” i suggest you mean to say “this is why I hate corruption”. we all hate corruption and we all agree both parties have it. Read more

10:00 PM

They are liars and hypocrites and repeatedly act to only help the wealthiest and whitest parts of the state.” Read more

9:47 PM

Bad Boy Vettes may have been the marketing force behind the spread of Jake but its Pratt and Miller’s logo and always will be. Pratt and Miller had been using a generic skull logo in 2004 and Eddie Jabbour of Kick Design evolved it into the Jake they use today. Pratt and Miller shouldn’t be forced to kill a logo that Read more