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Sep 14

Not to get too pedantic, but the LT5 was developed by Lotus, not Mercury Marine. They were tapped to manufacture it, but it is actually a Lotus design. And it was developed in the 80s (87-’89) to launch for the 1990 model year. Read more

Jul 16

Because Chevy put nearly zero R+D in the Blazer. Just some new body work on an existing platform with existing engines and transmissions. The Bronco has a TON of new R+D inside and out, and will take a while before it’s actually profitable for Ford in the big picture.

Jul 14

I just realized if you resize your browser window to be smaller/portrait (on Chrome) it will remove the slideshow click functions and just stack them on all top of each other like it should have in the first place.

Jul 8

Everything you touched from the wheel to the seats to the pedal (covers) were upgraded in the RS. It’s short ratio trans was a ton of fun too. Some of the shortest ratios found in any modern car for sure.