3:17 PM

Yeah, when people ask me about watching TNG, I tell them it is definitely best to cherry pick from the good to great episodes, because there is a deluge of bad episodes for a series with a reputation of a modern sci-fi classic.

3:11 PM

Yeah, Season One of TNG is like swimming through sewage for as long as you can, and managing a few shallow breaths above water on the back end. Towards the end, you have a few episodes, like “Heart of Glory” or “The Arsenal of Freedom”, that aren’t necessarily smart or sophisticated, but at least they’re done Read more

2:37 PM

Yep, TNG’s early seasons were particularly bad. It’s not much of a consolation, but several of the not great early season episodes were reused scripts from either TOS itself or the planned Phase Two sequel that was cancelled when Paramount decided to do the original cast movies instead. The early seasons also had more Read more

2:27 PM

I think the TNG episode that caused me to cringe the worst was “The Outrageous Okona, ” solely for its “Data tries to learn comedy from Joe Piscopo” subplot. The rest of the episode might have been fantastic, for all I know, but that subplot just flat-out traumatized me, and I don’t remember the rest of the episode at Read more

12:12 PM

The LS engines are the antithesis to DOHC. There is simply no compelling argument in favor of DOHC over an LS engine. Read more

9:35 PM

I equally blame the manufacturers, only interested in profits, stock valuations and the CEO’s salaries, and the government’s poor to no, or puppet, oversight. Whatever the reason, we’ve sure forgotten how to build quite a few things:
Read more

5:21 PM

Look at WMATA for inspiration when feeling down about the MTA. WMATA has managed to take 5 years to install a bicycle rack at one of its stations. It replaces escalators that were out of service for years with new units that go out of service in months. But at least ridership is plummeting. They think if they spend Read more

5:25 PM

The main problem is total weight that the unit can carry after batteries and distance on a full charge. Having run a garbage company in New Jersey, this is extremely important. We pay per ton dumped, so we want the maximum load it can carry and some transfer stations and or land fills can be 30 miles (or more) one way Read more

3:25 PM

Garbage trucks, school buses, and postal trucks have always seemed to me to be the best candidates for electrification. Stop-and-go is great for regenerative braking, largely fixed routes mean range anxiety isn’t a thing, and the fact that they return to a depot where they’re parked overnight makes charging a much Read more

3:16 PM

This is brilliant. If trash companies are intelligent,  they'll use the methane from landfills to generate electricity to charge the trucks. Literal power from trash. 

2:17 PM

Thousand of unsheltered residents line the sidewalks, but we need to fix this road in rich suburbs first.

11:32 AM

Haters are always gonna hate because of what it isn't. You are right that it makes sense to go to BMW who have been building performance oriented straight 6s for years. The haters logic would be like going to a restaurant that specializes in sandwiches and expecting a steak dinner from them.

11:25 AM

The haters always puzzled me on this aspect of it. BMW has been making performance-oriented straight 6 engines for longer (and more successfully) than Toyota. It makes sense Toyota would go to them for an engine intended to go into a low-volume sports car that will not bring in enough money to justify developing an Read more