I can already tell you that is happening. I have seen several at lower income apartments that I frequent for work. Read more

Exactly, Disney has the little kiss of a gay black woman and said “hey, some of our fanbase and employees are lgbtq+, can we not create an overly hostile environment for them to exist?” That’s what Disney did. DeSantis is a wannabe dictator and part of the playbook is to get the corporations in line, which is why this Read more

You don’t know what cookies and targeted ads are, do you?  Read more

Except that it is listed as a historic bridge. People who blame media for billionaire problems are stupid. Read more

That’s a lot of words to tell people you love to lick boot. Read more

I always thought the MG Magnette ZA was a cool car. I love the little chrome trim piece off the front wheels on the ‘56 that made it seem like it was going fast, even though the car was slow. Read more

On the one hand, this may sway people to utilize their legs or bicycles a little more. On the other hand, if you live somewhere that it is easy to walk to or bike to the shops, you probably already do so because it is way easier than driving a car.  Read more

Reporting that Confederates are losers is 100% factually accurate.  Read more

Basically, they are trying to force optional safety equipment to become a standard feature with the car. I don’t hate it, even though the approach is a bit ham fisted. Read more

I once took a road trip with 5 people in a Honda Accord coupe, maybe a 2001. I am six foot tall and sat in the middle seat . Every moment was agony. Read more

There is a place to get fries cooked in beef tallow with roughly the same fry shape, if you want to try what a McDonalds fry used to taste like. Buffalo Wild Wings fry in beef tallow, and their fries are close to the old McD’s flavor.  Read more

Fake tough guy act and bringing up “man card”? Sorry about how you were raised, bro. Read more

The whole point of doing this is to let them know that you don’t see a romantic future with them, which is completely opposite of being a sociopath. If they have feelings for you, they can decide to not sleep with you any longer. What would be sociopathic is to keep having sex with the person, knowing they have Read more

But on the highway near Casa Grande, she witnessed traffic putting on brakes as an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper crouched on the side of the road, reports KGUN 9 News. A moment later, she rolled through a spike strip without even realizing it, from KGUN 9:” Read more

You know spike strips can be pulled back right?  Read more

Where are you getting this information ? I feel that is that unlikely 7 drivers would not pull over if there were cops doing their job and forcing traffic over. 1 person being a moron is far more likely than 7. Read more

Making being stupid a felony with no death involved would further burden the criminal system and would likely do nothing in the reduction of stupidity. Why not make every avoidable traffic incident a felony? Just start handing out felonies from the felony tree. Because the burden of prosecution would not be worth the Read more

That’s a really stupid suggestion Read more

I’m shocked to see someone who knows nothing about child psychology comment some dumbass shit in a comment section! Shocked I say! Read more

Another hearty fuck you bud. Boy, you are a real piece of shit. Read more