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5:31 PM

I should mention that nobody in the house could possibly have heard a Trackhawk start over the sound of my snoring. Sorry, I helped the thieves and I didn’t even know it!

10:15 PM

My Roadie has 271,000 miles and I always giggle (it looks rough but pulls great) when I turn on the HVAC control unit in the dash and everything works 100%— Something I most definitely can NOT say about any of my newer Audis or BMWs with far fewer miles. Read more

4:27 PM

heads up on the Navistar IDI engines- unless it’s a fairly fresh rebuild, oil consumption is a characteristic of them. after about 150,000 miles cylinder taper takes its toll, increasing blow-by and its thirst for oil. They’ll run forever like that, but depending on how much driving you if it’s got high miles you’ll Read more

12:09 PM

Fuck yes!!! Congrats, Rainbow!! I hope your appointment goes well. And I wish you safety, love and acceptance in your conversation with your parents. 💗💗💗

6:46 PM

If you can stretch that budget a little bit, a 2012-13 Mazda 3 with the Skyactiv motor might be right up your alley. You can find them with a manual, and they can top out at 40mpg highway.

12:59 PM

No, he does not, and I will not bet a Trump/Pence office on it. We’ve seen what that crap has wrought in Indiana. Women jailed for miscarriage, STD outbreaks due to lack of public health funding, LGBT communities subject to legalized discrimination... No.

8:48 PM

Ah yes, the generation that is factually more productive than the boomers, invented and improved just as many life changing things as the boomers, and the generation that’s tired of government corruption and tired of hate and bigotry. Read more

6:44 AM

Sounds like you’re the one getting offended by a word... maybe you should just scroll by next time?

5:04 PM

FFS. First off, it’s not LBC’s responsibility to babysit sales managers with idiot employees. Also, no one’s saying women have a monopoly on bad experiences, so please stop with the “WHAT ABOUT TEH MEN??” We’re just subjected to unique/additional forms of it due to sexism. As other commenters have mentioned, black men Read more

4:40 PM

I keep waiting for the post where you literally use chewing gum and silly putty to hold something together... Read more

5:13 PM

Strange memories on this nervous night in Cincinnati. Twenty five years later? Twenty six? It seems like a lifetime, or at least a Main Era - the kind of peak that never comes again. DTM in the middle eighties was a very special time and place to be a part of. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run...but Read more