DancesWithRotors - Rare Volvo Enthusiast
Feb 17

Mine has 117k and it’s pretty fantastic. It’s got a touch of a bottom-end knock, but based on the PO’s description, it’s been going on for nearly 40k, 10k of which I’ve put on. Still, at $1500, and being a rust-free Alabama car, it was worth every penny.

When it does die, or when the 4L60 goes, I’ve got LQ4 and 4L80 Read more

Oct 9 2018

I’d rather go Excursion than F-250 if I’m getting a V10, just from the “hauling the in-laws around when they come in from South Korea” perspective, but I do like the 460 idea.

Oct 9 2018

Eh, part of why I’m looking at buying is because I need something with a heater when I get to KC anyway, and part of it is because I actually do have a longer-term use for a truck.