Dec 18 2016

I’m a Trump supporter but this whole #DumpStarWars debacle is just plain stupid. The ending was changed to make it less darker than its original cut and nothing to do with politics. Enjoy the movie for what it is.

Dec 15 2016

Yeah, for the gym, I really liked my Band a lot. Best sensors on the market. Unfortunately, there were never enough apps to make it truly useful. A weight plate calculator, a decent rep counter, etc... It was basically a cardio device like most “fitness” bands, that do very little to improve fitness. Read more

Nov 15 2016

The “Bible” is a library of dozens of works written by dozens of different people over the course of thousands of years as a kind of cultural history, and some of those stories were ancient oral traditions long before they were ever written down. The works cover many different genres and span dramatically different, Read more

Sep 23 2016

Calling someone a slimy bigot sure is easier than addressing different ideas, isn’t it?

Sep 7 2016

It’s just the same damn phone with small revisions. SMALL REVISIONS. I can’t comprehend iPhone fandom, I just can’t.

Jul 6 2016

Seeing as he’s 70, I’m almost certain that he won’t notice these missing in 30 years.

Jul 1 2016

A firecracker might not be the worst thing to have dropped in on you in the shower...

Apr 12 2016

it would probably also only be one joke, since it takes a while to type out those one-liners without hands