Mar 4

Every time I hear people railing against, political correctness, wokeness, cancel culture, SJW’s, I just assume they’re racists or bigoted in some way and are just upset they can’t continue to be so in the consequence-free manner they’re used to.

Mar 4

I have seen and felt Suitsupply’s apparel and I can tell you that once you’re in contact with that low-grade fabric and stiff construction, you do want to tear it off your body as quickly as possible. So, maybe?

Feb 26

Remember when the English were oppressing Scotland, and William Wallace took a quick boat ride to France? It’s okay, though, his daughters had asked him to, and he totally intended to come back the next day so he could hand out mead and bubonic plague to the masses.

Feb 23

Yes, I was definitely postulating new testament theory in my sarcastic Jezebel comment.

Feb 23

and the Lord Jesus spoke: “ye, if thou hast a rockin bod, make yon ducats on the site only for fans, my child! dolla, dolla bills, ye all!

Feb 22

If she actually does this, can we pleeeeeeeeeease call her “Machine Gun Karen”?

Feb 22

I regret that I have but one star to give. That was eloquent, apt, and fiery. Excellently put.

Feb 18

I think you might be confusing Chun-Li with King from Tekken. Chun-Li was in Soul Calibur.

Feb 10

anti-semitic, anti-BLM, anti-mask. she said Alderaan things.

Feb 8

no no, Avril Levigne is a persona. She’s really JonBenet Ramsay, she just doesn’t want to make a big thing about it and have it overshadow her music.

Jan 25

I’m going to start hoarding some old Jackson 20s so in ten years I can sell them to racists for $50 each.

Jan 20

In terms of theory of why was it effective for him and not Clinton, I think it could be that the message sounds different after 8 years from Obama than after 4 years of Trump. Suddenly what sounds political before, now sounds totally different after that environment.