Nov 1 2018

OOOhhhhh you can leave them a message and you don’t have to give your real name or real email address! I... may have just spent about 15 minutes doing exactly this. Fun!

Sep 8 2017

It’s weird that the best Doctor Who spin-off is still The Sarah Jane Adventures. That show was well written, well acted, and fun. It had the spirit of Doctor Who while also being completely it’s own thing. I have no doubt if Lis Sladen was still alive, we’d still be getting more of that show.

Aug 30 2017

I’m not usually this way about famous people, even those I like and respect, dying, but Terry was a totally different beast. The way he went out is just depressing as fuck, one of the finest minds of my lifetime sentenced to Alzheimer’s.
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Sep 1 2016

Ha ha, no. I just remember that show being the trigger that sent her into crazy-land. Funny thing is, she would never watch X-Files with me. Before or after seeing Alien Autopsy. Read more

Sep 1 2016

Wait, was she your ex-wife already when you guys decided to watch Alien Autopsy? If so, there’s more to this story that’s interesting...

Sep 1 2016

For fun, many years ago, my ex-wife and I watched the FOX “Alien Autopsy” show. A few nights later she woke me up to investigate the spaceship landing in the back yard, and has been traveling the road to full-bore Tea Party born-again Christian ever since. She and her husband have a bona fide prepper bunk/arsenal in Read more

Sep 1 2016

How refreshing to watch an alien contact movie in which no cities are destroyed or monuments toppled, and no adversarial squabbling
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Sep 1 2016

Amazing what happens when someone creates a film that is not a superhero flick, a teen melodrama that may be set in the apocalypse, or is a reboot/sequel. Read more

Sep 1 2016

Time travel is practically the only way they’re ever going to get this show to end up with the origin of Batman at this point.

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Aug 29 2016

Can we stop with the “This year sucks” meme because some famous person happened to die? Wilder was old. To paraphrase Old School “Old people die. It’s what they do”. Wilder hadn’t acted since an appearance on “Will & Grace” in 2003. It’s not like he was putting out any more movies. Feel sad, yes. He was a once in a Read more

Jul 23 2016

I am here to say that the original sucked and I couldn’t wait for all the characters to die so I could get out of the theater. Read more