This is kind of worded like it’s a decision from Larian, but I have to assume it’s really Xbox seeing all the BG3 hype and deciding to change their policy so they can get BG3 out faster. Read more

I was lucky enough to play FFV when it released. I used pliers to rip out the plastic blocks that prevented Super Famicom carts from fitting in US systems. At the time, it was incredible. And while narratively and technically, it was later eclipsed by FFVI and Chrono Trigger, at the time, it was absolutely exciting Read more

Its not like the writer has any control over the website or the ads. Read more

You can’t say things like this and not expect me to assume that it means I’ll be running around as Yoshitaka Amano, shooting folks with a shotgun or whatever. Read more

I seem to recall some fatalities literally being listed on the gaming cabinet. Read more

Looks like Monster Hunter mashed up with Kena Bridge of Spirits Read more

Twinkle Star Sprites is actually amazing, like the best party game ever, as we discovered in college. Read more

This. Lived experience is something of a double-edged sword in some instances. Read more

yeah i’m like low 40's but i’ve slowed down on playing a lot in the last week, now inspired to get back in there. my problem is that i start winning a lot and then start making really complicated or weird decks to entertain myself and then lose the progress i was making, i was about to hit 50 and threw it in the trash Read more

I was completely unaware until this news broke that Hasbro DIDN’T own it. Read more

Bulllshit.  Run, Japan, run!  Tipping is one of the stupidest facets of capitalism and needs to die.
Read more

But that simplicity, I guess, goes against the Tip Project’s business model, which is to selling those tip tickets to restaurants. Read more

Maybe just maybe, if you think you are having a financial incentive problem with your staff which you think could be solved by them getting more money, simply pay them more. If they are asking too much, get new staff. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Read more

Tipping is the biggest problem in the American service industry. It’s 2021 and the national tipped minimum wage is $2.13. Read more

Why? Tipping is awful and should be abolished in the States. Ban tipping. Read more

I agree - forcing users to connect with a FB account is lame
That’s why I just created a fake Facebook account for my oculus...

Honestly, this is the dumbest “reasons to buy” list I’ve ever seen.
Having batteries and therefore wireless Air Link VR from my PC has been a blessing, allowing me to do VR from my computer Read more

Long story short: what if more 2D side-scrolling action games focused on challenges besides killing stuff? Read more

An axe. It represents an axe. Read more

The warrior icon is an axe head, since they use 2h-Axes as their weapon.... Read more

Elite Dangerous is a pretty solid entry as a space flight sim with the usual fare (combat, trading, mining, etc) but as a procedural universe it very much comes down to what players make of it, so in that respect it’s much less guided and possibly a little less exciting compared to TIE Fighter (the best of the Read more