Apr 24 2019

It’s the NHL playoffs, teams are the beneficiaries of bad calls, and also the victims, and so it goes. Maybe next time don’t allow 4 goals in one 5-minute major PP. 🤷‍♂️

Apr 24 2019

I’ve been watching hockey longer than most* of the players on the ice last night have been alive, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team score four goals on a five-minute power play. VGK can bitch all they want about whether or not that should have been a major, but holy shit, win a faceoff or clear the zone once in Read more

Apr 24 2019

Yes. Let’s focus on the SINGLE wrong call of the entire playoff series. Or if you insist on focusing on this call, let’s focus on the game 2 goalie interference call that took a goal away and the game for the sharks. So you can have your 2 minute cross checking minor penalty, and I’ll say the sharks won in 6. Deal? Read more

Oct 4 2018

“I was worried about maintenance so I bought a V10 Audi”

Oct 4 2018

You said it all. I own one of the greatest money pits ever, a vehicle so feared that the owners forum is more like a support group for rape victims. I speak of course of the 2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Read more

Oct 4 2018

LOL, I’m going to say this in the nicest way possible. Your friend is fuckin’ moron. I have a CLS AMG. When my brake service light came on, I got a quote from the dealer... It was also a couple of grand. I said eff off, ordered some pads and sensors, after seeing that the rotors were fine. Then I proceeded to change Read more

Oct 4 2018

This was one of my choices when shopping for an uber sedan; Started looking for a Pheaton, but couldn’t find one I wanted to spend my money on. All the C63's I found were either neglected or of questionable past (4+ owners) and finally settled on an Audi S6 V10 that was a 2 owner car.  This seller at least paid for a Read more

Sep 16 2018

We’re watching one of the greatest drivers of all time overcome a 4-time champion who’s had a better car for most of the season. This was the first race in a while that was even a little bit of a parade up front. Read more

Aug 15 2018

Why type “like, five words later?” You can count, I presume. 

Jul 10 2018

Is it weird to pretend to do journalism, but actually just write about your projections about someone?

Jun 16 2018

Uh, Lebron threw a Halloween party with the entire theme being “pettiness”. From the cookies to the decorations, everything was about humiliating the warriors. Walking into the entrance meant you stepped over a dummy designed to look like a dead Steph Curry. Lebron wore an “Ultimate Warrior” tee to the parade. They Read more

Jun 16 2018

Is that different from how LeBron had a 3-1 skeleton band and tombstone cookies with Warriors’ player names on them?

Jun 4 2018

What do the Cavs and your comment have in common? Read more

Jun 4 2018

Steph and LeBron are both incredible to watch. Getting to see greatness on the court at the same time is like watching the 91 finals with MJ and Magic. I know this site is extremely pro Cavs, but watching Golden State play at their top level against the greatest player of this generation is fun.

Jun 4 2018

Bless your heart.

Apr 11 2018

To be fair, it’s the same Frontier that debuted in 2004.