Jul 1

Debris is really the name of EVERY sci-fi show that ends up on NBC, since that’s how the network treats the genre. 

Jun 23

Fuck all these racist ass White liberals. Kevin Hart had to drop his hosting gig at the Oscars for being homophobic, Jimmy Kimmel needs to lose his Emmy’s hosting gig for being racist. Read more

Jun 11

I can definitely agree, and after seeing what he did with both Star Trek and Star Wars, I’ll go you one better - he should never be involved with any major franchise again. Read more

May 28

Related to the Snyder Cut news this week, toxic fanboys have been emboldened. There are now petitions for a 4 hour cut of Revenge of the Sith and a Ayers cut of Suicide Squad. The selling point for the first being MORE PREQUEL and the latter being MORE JOKER. Normally I would be curious about the Ayers cut, but he’s Read more

May 21

I can’t even make sense of the title of this article. Was it translated from some language other than English?
Read more

May 15

Wondercon (which is also owned and operated by CCI) was the litmus test for online stuff. I’m just wondering if before writing this opinion piece, was any research done into the numbers of that event? 

May 15

Fabian Nicieza gave us Cable and Deadpool, all Rob did was ape other peoples drawings, or pawned them off on interns for them while he shot Levi’s commercials.

May 12

Think I’ll stick with Sharon Lee’s Warrior on Cinemax. 

May 8

CBS All Access is ass. Unless you’re 75+ years old. It’s basic free tv shows that they’re charging a monthly fee to watch. Even if it was $0.50 a month, it would still be $5.50 too expensive for the garbage programming.

Oh, and Picard is one of the best comedies of the year. So badly written, poorly executed, with Read more

May 5

People do realize that if you want to know who is working on The Mandalorian, all you need to do is watch Favreau’s Netflix series The Chef Show, right? He has everyone he’s working with at the time appear on the show. I’m waiting for the announcement that Sam Raimi has directed an episode in season 2, since he was on Read more

May 1

...maybe just a thought here ..maybe having Greek people in a movie based on Greek mythology mightn’t be a bad idea...possibly ,regardless of skin colour?

Apr 29

That was kinda the point (and they reference that fight in this video), the Rebels fight was more meaningful because it had decades of history between Obi-Wan and Maul, that Maul tried the same move on Obi-Wan that killed Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan didn’t fall for it was a very great touch. But they were two old men ready to Read more

Apr 23

Oh yeah, I remember this when it was on Adult Swim back in 2007 as Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil. Only this one has a younger Lucy. Read more

Apr 21

Um, it has nothing to do with the Navy. It’s owned and operated by The Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO) which is a department of the University of California San Diego. Read more

Apr 21

“They’re going to get themselves cancelled.” Okay, I chuckled. I really do love the fact that LoT seems to be beholden to no sense of logic or structure beyond, “This seems fun.”

Apr 20

Dude. It’s been around for a while. Ever watch Discovery Channel?