Jun 17

Do what my best friend’s dad did 20 years ago, and get her an old Miata to learn on. The transmissions are very easy and forgiving, old Miatas are cheap, and also she’ll probably love the car. My buddy still has his Miata, all these years later.

Feb 5

I am so happy to say that after this year, Virginia will no longer be the state I have lived the longest in.

Feb 4

I thought of that, too, but wouldn’t the load capacity of a bike tire be insufficient for a car? 

Feb 4

Now we need an article about putting motorcycle tires on cars. I could kind of see a drag racer wannabe setup where you have two bike tires on the front and really wide tires on the back. 

Jan 26

The 1814 Battle of New Orleans is forever memorialized in the 1959 hit novelty song of the same name written by Jimmy Driftwood and sung by Johnny Horton. It was the #1 record of that year, the 1960 Grammy winner for Best Country and Western Recording, and #37 on the all-time Billboard Hot 100 chart, well ahead of

Jun 9 2019

Dollar general is the surprise hw land. Even If they charge $1.09.

Jun 9 2019

Thanks for showing the Honda City Turbo too. I need the red disc wheels in that size!

May 3 2019

The term “stunt wheelchair” short circuits my brain.

Apr 23 2019

I’m fine with one ding and one ding only.

Apr 12 2019

I don’t know...grasping here. Because of the KB Toys price sticker? Or maybe because the others cars are camera shy?

Mar 9 2019

Lockers are a tricky concept to grasp for a lot of non-offroader types, and do add expense and complexity, but I too wish rear lockers were standard or a low cost option for more vehicles. Read more