Mar 13

I have two dailys a 1991 Miata and a 1997 Nissan Pickup.  I have a parts vehicle for both of them.  The Miata also has parts from at least one other car since it has a 1.8 motor in it and I swapped a rear end from my parts car.  I just found out the busted housing I got thrown in with the parts car is a torsen diff so Read more

Jan 26

I love the Battle of New Orleans by Horton but don’t forget about North to Alaska.

Nov 8

I wish I would have gotten one a long time ago I don’t think you can have more fun for the money

Oct 6

I played the heck out of that back in the day and I think I remember racing that Charger

Jul 12 2019

I don’t remember the first time I read Ball Four but I still pull it out and do at least a couple chapters if not the whole thing every spring.  The interview with Joe Morgan about the MF’ing curveball is still the best part.

Jul 3 2019

Was at an air show last month and several of these were courtesy vehicles for the performers.  I honestly don’t know if I had ever seen one in person before but they look awesome and with AWD to boot.  It is a shame Buick isn’t pushing these a little harder.

Jun 20 2019

I work in logistics in the real world and this is really making me want to start up an account.

Jun 18 2019

Paul Lukas writing for GMG is this going to be happening more, because you know I would be down for that.

Jun 10 2019

I almost left it hanging but don’t like getting an odd number for some reason.

Jun 2 2019

I have a hard time selling cars especially if I have owned them for a little bit and driven them back and forth to work.  If they do sell I can’t hang around and watch them leave it just kills me.  The wife is kinda the same way so we implemented a strict you bring one home one has to go policy that neither one of us Read more

May 7 2019

I am the same way like the licensed cars and kinda blah on fantasy cars but bought this full sized car last week.

Apr 30 2019

I must admit that this started out as my least favorite Moab project but the way it turned out was awesome.  All the help you got and your brother’s even pitching in.  You still should have took me up on the 302 DJ.