Apr 13 2019
New Daily

Well my daily driver Explorer was totalled and basically I turned a 700 dollar auction ride into a check for a

Apr 12 2019
Finds for the last week

The wife picked up the Ranchero at Dollar General and the Hot Wheel Alien I got in a lot of 35 for $20 bucks off of

Mar 28 2019
First Post in a While

It’s not that I haven’t gotten any new ones lately just these are the first in a while that I was actually in the

Sep 8 2018
It has been a while

It is been a while since I have posted but here is what has showed up in the last couple days.

Jun 8 2018
Full Scale Hot Wheel

My father in law has been selling off some of his project cars and bought something that runs and drives. So my

May 21 2018
5/24 Solo

Got some tickets to a preview of Solo for thursday night.

Apr 22 2018
Finds Sorta

Been working hard on getting a base CB station set up. Part of this was going down to the old trailer to get some

Feb 27 2018
New Radio

Got a President Lincoln II from a local for a pretty good price the dead key is a little high on AM but gets out on

Feb 18 2018
What a Weekend

The wife got these for me on Thursday and it was kinda prophetic since my uncle invited me on a jeep trip to Disney,