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except marvel movies rely for revenue on an audience made up of both adults who are vaccinated and kids who are not, while those two examples each depend on just one of those groups for revenue. Read more

our household also tapped out after Crisis, with Legends being the only thing we have continued to follow. it’s really made me appreciate the 8-13 episode season. Read more

yeah i read that and thought “ooohh sounds bizarre maybe i will enjoy this... ...more than the first season, that i never finished watching, but had been excited about because it sounded bizarre...” Read more

yeah i don’t understand this comment. do people know about police procedurals? mobster movies? heist films? westerns? rom coms? seems obvious that the newest genre on the block will get the most attention for a while. maybe it balances out a bit later but i suspect several decades from now i will die and be bummed, Read more

i am with you! he was just really mean to her, it was very cringey. Read more

agreed let robot girl have her flowers!  Read more

yeah, especially because i for one do not see the appeal in two hours of a dude telling a woman she is grotesque. that was not really funny for a minute in vol 2 and i don’t think it would be funny for a movie or series length duration for sure. Read more

well, i get what you are saying, but my read on hbomax and paramount being the two to do this so far is that they are using it to increase their numbers. paramount’s main draw is star trek shows, max’s main draw is hbo content, but both need a boost to catch up to competitors. Read more

“She had to get away before the people who have to hold her accountable got there,” Olsen told the magazine. “And where she went is a place that no one could find her. Because she knows that she is going to be held accountable, and I think she has a tremendous amount of guilt.”
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sure, but i mean she could conjure stacks of money to pay for therapy, send some kids to college, etc. she doesn’t have to use the magic on their minds again to still use it to make repairs. most psychological maladies have material costs both in terms of side effects and treatment. Read more

yeah that would work for me! again i think what they’re doing with wanda is rich and thoughtful and more substantive that any other mcu character i can think of - and that is also what makes it more challenging! i just need more amends than her self-yeeting at the end of the series and i am good. Read more

she kidnapped and tortured an entire town for a month or so and no way the MCU is going to have her spend 20 years in prison and making reparations to the community, i get that, but there are a lot of options other than monica just saying “hey it’s cool they don’t get it but i do.” Read more

yeah i actually love that wanda is getting the kind of complicated, problematic backstory that nobody else but stark has had (bucky was mind controlled) and i just want wanda to actually have to deal with it instead of just getting a free pass, like stark did. i am not as convinced as you two that disney will Read more

what is wild is i have yet to see a comment to this article i disagree with, even when they’re presented in opposition to each other. Read more

these falcon and winter soldier cameo hyping quotes sound cool and normally it would be exciting, i am sure i will enjoy whatever, but mostly i am so jazzed they had carl lumbly on and as isaiah bradley i don’t really need much else. my cup runneth over. Read more

yeah hard to know how to parse this, but for sure it seems they’re saying that him adjusting to his new body won’t be much of a plot thing and that is... ...wild. and such a missed opportunity! i am still excited for season 2 and the threads i am sure they will pick up, but i was already fantasizing about Q showing up Read more

okay, season 1 had some serious problems and also lots of good stuff and i enjoyed it and am excited to season 2 delve into... Read more

if abrams is nowhere near the story or script or director’s chair then i will hold out some hope but yeah... ...stop letting jj abrams make star trek movies or scifi/fantasy in general. maybe he could do a good superman as people have said, but it is incredible that he could botch the end of the skywalker saga and Read more

deerseason i just need to tell you i appreciate you. when this show ended i was so disturbed that the writers - and so many fans! - thought it was okay that wanda tortured these people until the final moments of the show and then just self-yeeted after getting a free pass from her new friend. Read more