Mar 29 2016

“A vehicle at least 21 years old (calendar year of manufacture subtracted from year of importation) and in original unmodified configuration” Read more

Mar 29 2016

Then limit them to one or two, or to existing personal vehicles at the time of transfer as in the above case. Big deal.

Mar 29 2016

Of course they are, and I realize Germany isn’t exactly the front lines. But it’s not exactly fun & games, and we don’t do a very good job of taking care of them in many cases. Letting those who want to import an otherwise needlessly forbidden car seems a small concession to make.

Mar 29 2016

I’m going to go back and read this fully, but I just want to quickly say that regardless of the desire for broader changes to import laws, we should let our service personnel bring back whatever the hell they want. Put your life on the line for Uncle Sam? Have a Skyline. Or a perfectly good old Rover, as the case may Read more

Mar 11 2016

No, it’s why you get off your high horse and move the fuck over.

Mar 7 2016

“stingy insurance companies don't wanna pay up? I will HAMMER to make sure i get money in MY pockets

Jan 11 2016

After playing every map over and over, you’ll have every nook and cranny memorized. Just keep playing and make sure to play the Situations. Also, Terrorist Hunt is good way to get acclimated with the maps as well as test out which operators you are good at. Read more

Dec 16 2015

Houston’s currently population is approx 2.5 million with another 4 million in the general metro area outside of the official city limits. That interchange is the busiest in the city and one of the worst designed.

Sep 3 2015

“There’s something to be said about picking up a chick in this car,” Kurdziolek says. “It’s cool and loud and aggressive. You don’t even have to hear her. You don’t even need music.”

Read more

Feb 4 2015

Was the Millennium Falcon a waste too, Darthy Downer?

Jan 14 2015

You may be overlooking the debt that many of these young athletes feel they owe their parents. I have sons who play hockey and we spent literally tens of thousands of dollars over the years for them to do so. I have other sons who play baseball and golf and again, ditto. Read more

Jan 13 2015

It's strange that you consider this model to be "trying to hard", especially when the outgoing model was almost just as gaudy and loud. If anything, tailgate aside, this one looks more menacing, and IMO has a more cohesive design language.