Feb 16 2016

Faen i helvete. Her kommer jeg til Deadspin for å slippe unna det jævla kattemaset så er det første som slår meg i trynet denne posten om det jævla kattekreket. Drittkatte. Read more

Mar 18 2015

Don't hate, y'all. It's a placential part of the postpartum diet.

Mar 18 2015

"[T]he placenta takes about ten minutes to properly transform from bloody chunks that get stuck in the blades to a liquid that tastes like 'a delivery room smells.'"

Mar 13 2015

First thought after reading "gunfight": Ahh, 'murica! freedom guns blazin and the wild west! yeehaw! Read more

Mar 3 2015

"Love the people, hate the crime" is the bigot's version of "But I have a lot of black friends" that racists always seem to say right after they say something racist.

Mar 2 2015

"You know, Smithers, when I was a young buck, my patented fadeaway pitch was compared by many to the 'trouble ball' of the great Satchel Paige."

Mar 2 2015

Waited all night for the main event and it only lasted 14 seconds, now i know how my girlfriend feels

Jan 13 2015

Maybe you're trolling. I don't know or particularly care. But old cold cases are intriguing...especially when they gained such notoriety in their time.

Are you genuinely upset that those whom may be still picking over the forensics of such things would better be using their energy and resources on more recent unsolved Read more

Jun 4 2014

Contracting Hepatitis C for the sake of entertainment television is far more common than you'd think and really it's just not that exciting and hardly worth the risk. Read more