Jul 28

If 1 in 4 cars are old enough to drive themselves then why aren’t there more autonomous cars? Read more

Jul 2

Hi, since I’m seeing lots of talk about whether the headline/image are a spoiler, here’s my thinking on that: it’s only a spoiler if you look at Lev being trans as something that’s meant to be a surprise or some kind of dramatic reveal. Years upon years of trans storylines have taught us this (think: The Crying Game, Read more

Jun 16

James is wrong. Thank you for coming to my TEA-Talk.

Jun 15

If you’re lazy, get an iPad mini, install STARSS, and experience the joy of having your own PADD:

Jun 10

“detract from the design.”

Jun 7

The rarest of crack pipes, one with a nice price. 

Jun 7

So the car’s a Crack Pipe however much it sold for, amirite? Read more

Jun 3

Maybe it was a box full of these?

Jun 2

This is the quality journalism I’ve come to expect from Jalopnik. Read more

May 28

I thought this was for sure a deliberate modification to prevent floorboards from rusting out by continuous application of oil.

May 24

You take that back. Tanks with armor everywhere but where the driver sits is genius!

May 24

GI Joe would like to have a word or two with you regarding some of COBRA’s vehicles.

May 24

As a trans woman, all I gotta say about this is that deadnames are called deadnames for a reason. Unless she specifically says it’s okay for people speaking on her past sports career to refer to her as her former identity in that context, she is a woman and should be treated as such. Being trans isn’t a then/now kinda Read more

May 11

Which would make for a terrible door stop if you think about it. It would just roll away.

May 10

I don’t know much about the Alfa Romeo Cuneo 33, but it certainly looks like a contender to win the Pinewood Derby this year.

Apr 4

Leia’s weapon... has very small, more organic design touches in hidden parts of the blade that you would likely never see on film.