I love me some electroforged Chicago Schwinns. I have two in my stable, one that I completely disassembled, stripped, painted and rebuilt, and one that I’ve used as a cargo/trailer-towing bike and I’ll probably rebuild into some kind of hybrid if I can figure out how to make the frame play nicely with modern wheels and Read more

In the UK, a lot of the transphobia comes from TERFs (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists - they made that name up for themselves and then decided that it’s a slur) and it’s kind of 2nd-wave(ish) feminism where they tend to focus on women’s oppression because of reproductive biology and such. Consequently, if you aren’t Read more

I grew up riding in the way back of my mom’s Caprice Estate and my kids now often ride in the way back of my ‘94 Roadmaster, so I’m super biased for rear-facing. It does isolate those in the way back more, but there’s pros and cons to that.

One significant consideration is that in vans and large SUV’s, you’re usually Read more

I’m a big fan of the Timex Weekender Chronograph - that and the regular Weekender are my usual watches since they’re classic and reliable. That said, I paid like $30 for an Amazon open box deal on that exact same watch only with a nylon band. I always figured Huckberry was overpriced, and now I know.

I’m a big fan of the Timex Weekender Chronograph - that and the regular Weekender are my usual watches since they’re

The attic vent exhaust is a nice touch.

I was hoping with the 2-person teams that they would have one driver and one passenger throwing his weight around a la sidecar racing. But that would be perhaps a bit too irresponsible.

Probably because of the fiberglass bodies on ‘Vettes. Same thing that gives us the “Plastic Fantastic” nickname.

So I had some weird and vivid dreams last night, one involving a Chevy Lumina showing up on NPoCP. Read more

Everything I know is a lie. Next they’ll be saying that the red doesn’t give a HP increase.

Is it bad that I was rooting for Idris Elba during the whole trailer?

I mean, I absolutely endorse this, but if I’m spending $25k for the car, I don’t have any money left for an engine (and probably a more robust transmission to go with it), so CP. Read more

I just showed this to my wife and said that I was thinking of upgrading my Roadie. She just rolled her eyes. She humors me with my obsession with my car (and, I think, appreciates it as a roadtrip vehicle), but doesn’t understand it.

I feel like this is a retread/canonization of a number of ideas that were present in some of the older comics (and maybe some of the old EU novels as well?) - like the Vector story that started in JJ Miller’s KotOR run. Cursed Dark Side artifacts housing the spirit of Sith Lords is not exactly new. Read more

It’s quite lovely, but loses something that I really appreciated about the original - the oboe plays the melody at the beginning and then it switches to the English horn at at the very end for that extra dose of melancholy. It’s brilliant orchestration and back when I was doing a little adjunct college teaching, I Read more

The only major issue I had with adjusting was that when braking with the right hand and signalling with the left, it’s harder to keep straight when braking hard. Ultimately this is only an issue because you’re braking with the much more effective wheel. Read more

I actually can’t tell if you’re joking or not.