Aug 14 2019

Isn’t the point of Snake Eyes is that he’s white? I’m Asian American and glad we’re finally getting up front in more movies aced shows but this doesn't make sense. 

Aug 14 2019

Reminds me of a homeless guy. Some people can make the Stubble Look work. This photo makes him look like a bum with good teeth.

Jul 31 2019

I work in the medical field and have three different sizes of Post-It notes at my desk at all times. I am so thoroughly ready to document the phone number for the subdivision of the utilization management department that works with specialty pharmacy medications injected under the skin in a doctor’s office or Read more

Jul 29 2019

I mean, Baltimore is part of America, so Trump is criticizing America. And if Trump hates America so much, well, he can just leave.

Jul 25 2019

The only Holistic anything I need in my life is Dirk Gently. Ideally just the books, but the show is decent.