Monday 6:12PM

Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since Skyrim first came out.


6/14/21 8:48AM

It seems like one of the requirements for a currency should be that it’s value is not affected by random Twitter musings

6/13/21 6:29PM

Vancouver, WA is in the United States. Vancouver, BC is in Canada. Vancouver Island is also in Canada but Vancouver, BC is not on Vancouver Island but you can take a ferry there, from Vancouver, BC. Which is in Canada. Vancouver is in Washington, but not DC. You can drive over a bridge to get to Vancouver, from Read more

5/24/21 11:05AM

Am I supposed to be rooting for the TikTokers? Because I’m not.

5/16/21 2:19AM

They screwed up shooting too with the stupid “reloading” coolant mags thing. One of the advantages of playing a Soldier was the ability to shoot for a long long time, and that was basically erased for what, “cool” factor?

5/15/21 3:31AM

Mass Effect 1 has, and likely always will be, always been my favorite in the series. Biotic and Tech builds are fantastic, with variety and you’re abilities don’t share one fricking cooldown like they added in ME2. Additional weapon classing already existed in the game via achievements. Even the Mako, in all its Read more

4/30/21 7:25PM

Those jerks tried to circle him looking all hard, but his vigorous pumping and spraying all over the place got them off as fast as possible.

4/28/21 8:08PM

BUT... he never felt lonely. From his absolutely phenomenal book, Carrying The Fire, which I read as a NASA-obsessed kid and still own dog-eared on a bookshelf:

11/13/13 1:37AM

I can't say that I have ever had a problem with splash back. However post pee dribble is another matter! If they could so some research into the best shaking techniques I would be forever grateful!

11/12/13 1:44PM

There aren't many articles that you can bring up this video.

11/12/13 12:07PM

Well that explains why some guy in a white lab coat was watching me pee.